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  1. Snuggled up on the ocean side of the 1st island on Saturday in an attempt to get out of the wind and maybe catch a spade. SLow going at first. No spades to speak of but picked up some blues casting to the rocks and put some clams on the bottom. That paid off. My 13yo nephew hooked up on what we thought at first might be a smaller black drum or a skate. Fish hit the smallest rod in the boat - light weight wit 8lb test. Get our first look and see it is a BIG sheepshead. After several tense moments and more than one attempt to get in in range of the net we finally boat it. Nephew started feeling queezy once the adrenaline wore off so we called it and headed in. 12lb 10oz at the scale. Awesome day making memories with the family. (need to set up an image host service).
  2. SeaTow. I have been a member for a number of years. Since Cpt. Ed Schrader took over the service has been great. Have had the unfortunate need to use their services on (3) occasion, all of which I had my wife and kids on board (go figure). Excellent, prompt service each time and Ed is first class. Tom
  3. Best report I've read in a while. Makes me feel right at home. I'm sure the one fish cooked up real nice and complemented the beer perfectly.
  4. Global warming is in full effect for sure. Recent memory doesn't serve up a time when the water temp dropped so low so fast. I have done the Polar Plunge the past nine years and only once was the water temp below 40 degrees. This extended cold snap has slammed the breaks on this VA season.
  5. Nice look and good move on the FaceF#@k connection. I will most certainly be a 'fan'. Love the site.
  6. Was behind you for a spell trolling between 2nd &3rd. With no takers on the troll, decided to cast to pilings just short of the bend before the 3rd. Picked up a couple and had more hits in pretty short order. Seems they were sticking tight to the pilings Sunday.
  7. This topic is current at Tidal Fish. Link here for info: http://www.tidalfish.com/forums/virginia-a...l-registry.html
  8. Three mile line sets boundry between the waters in which you can catch fish and those in which you cannot catch fish. Up to you to decide which is more important.
  9. Fished the creek up past Marina Shores a little before Broad Bay. No trout, but the pups were there. Only fished an hour, and caught two nice pups and lost several. Had one nice fish on & lost it half way back to boat. Thought it must have been a trout 'cause of the head shake. Surprise, surprise a little later caught and boated a nice flounder from the same hole. Head shake may have been a flounder. All fish in 4-5ft of water, early outgoing tide near grass beds. Caught 'em on gulp shad (my favorite -green over orange and black over white) on red jig head. Heard of some nice trout caught further up the creek at Broad Bay. Love the overcast days.
  10. You should be able to pick up a mix of spot, croaker, and flounder. Try Fishbites, bloodworm and cut squid. Stay out of the channels in Broad Bay if you are not familiar with the area. The no wake zone ends and boats can run wide open back there.
  11. Do you run out of Lynnhaven Colony? If so, I see you all the time. Just didn't know it was you from the board. Followed you out last Thursday. I was anchored off the island to long creek entrance when you came back in. We caught 4 throwback flounder and 1 bluefish in quick succession off that point/dropoff. I'm in the 19ft Grady Tounament 190, M 'R' Fish, w/ dk. blue top.
  12. I have 1 5500C3, 1 5501C3 and 1 6501C3 & have fished them for years. Their simplicity is the key to their longevity. Rinse with fresh water and spray down liberally with WD40 & they will keep trucking for a long time. I have always like the lefty models in a round reel. I grew up fishing with spinning reels with handle on the left side and my first ABu (5500C3) just didn't feel right (& I'm right-handed). My next two have the handle on the left side ---perfect. ENJOY!
  13. Thanks for the tip. I have some b-worm fish bites in my box. Will try tipping the hooks next time if I'm getting a short bite. Good work! Compare the way that "hot" Stretch is swimming,it may tell you something about why its working. If it swims the same as your other lures, its the color and depth. Try a small strip of bloodworm fishbite on some of your trailing hooks, adds some color and taste. Tight lines. Dave <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
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