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    yes i have boat... i live in poquoson but i am willin to trailer... what is the discharge?
  2. FredTaylorfan289


    Tryin to go some day this week for catfish. Can anyone tell me where to go and what to use
  3. FredTaylorfan289


    Whats the best time of the year to catch them?
  4. So my friend's boat isn't to fun to be in at the high rise but we want to keep fishing. So we were wondering when we could start our spot collection. Is it a little to soon? If so, when can we start? Thanks in advance
  5. FredTaylorfan289

    Bonita Video from Saturday

    can you eat bonita?
  6. FredTaylorfan289

    Fishin' music

  7. Third Island- 23 inch striper on a white mojo Fourth Island- 19 inch flounder on green mojo Never would have expected the flounder. Was pulling 2 mojos and 2 umbrellas.
  8. If you can manage to get any, live spot would probably be the best. I hook them through the nose or lips on a 3-way rig. Bunker work too.
  9. cut mullet/ menhaden and gulps will all work for the pups
  10. FredTaylorfan289

    GPS Question

    I got a garmin etrex at bass pro on sale for $50. Ive been more impressed with that then with some more expensive models of other brands
  11. can you see shrimp or are you just throwing blind
  12. Drift live bait at the 4a bouy
  13. Congrats on the citation. I'm still lookin for one. My last one was a release but didnt make weight. I guess I should have thrown it back