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  1. Happy New Year!

    Just checking in on the next meeting, can you give me the location and date of the January meeting. Thanks

  2. phonfish

    Got my first "Real" boat...

    Has the boat been covered or stored inside? Doesn't look like it but it is in good shape. I think all the important stuff has been covered. Let us know when you go out for sea trials.
  3. phonfish

    Bait tank pump

    Got pictures?
  4. phonfish

    Cruiser or Walkaround

    May I suggest a Hydrasport. I have a 06 2500vx express. I can walk around to the bow with no problem. Weight maxed w/trailer is 8000lb. I tow w/ a Duramax 2500hd.Plenty of truck for this rig. Very economical w/twin f150s. 23deg deadrise for rough seas and smooth ride. cabin can sleep 2. 12v/120v refrig. micro small stove. fresh water. If this sounds like something you are interested in, check out the web site. As far as hot in the summer, I have 2 12v fans that i run for my guests, if they get hot.
  5. phonfish

    Trailer Brake Service

    Portsmouth Trailer sales on South Military Hwy near George Washington hwy. Any of those ladies can help you. Most knowledgeable trailer people in Virginia/NC
  6. phonfish

    outboard work needed

    Bills Marine has been specializing in Mercs for years . Located in Portsmouth,on Airline blvd w/o Victory blvd. 4651408
  7. phonfish

    Your ideal fishing boat inshore/offshore capable

    First question: What is your budget? Second question: What is your answer to the first? Seriously, that is too broad a question to get anywhere near a good answer. I went to boat shows for many years, looking at boats that i realy liked but could not aford. Once I figured out how much i could spend it narrowed my choices down tremendously. Once you know how much you can afford, double that figure. Going from a 18' Hydra sport to an offshore fishing machine is a big jump in price,fuel, maintainence, etc. After you have answered the first question, you can tell us if you are looking used or new. Help us out by giving us more details.
  8. phonfish

    Catching the keeper specs....

    Cant help you with catchin, but I belong to the Portsmouth Anglers Club where we have, what I think, are the best spec fisherman in this area. We meet on the 3rd Monday of the month @ 5006 Vick St ( off City Park Ave). Meeting time is 7pm. We always have a good speaker. Come join us.