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  1. Just slipped the bird in the oven. Now for a hot cup of coffee and some parade coverage.

  2. Feeling a little better this morning. The combination of strep, tonsil infection and ear infection all at the same time really kicked my butt. Throat was swollen so bad the ent doc had to cut the back of it open to relieve the pressure. Didnt know that a nearly 3" slash was standard proceedure. Believe me when I say that a topical spray did nothing to ease the pain of that scalpel.

  3. Car breaks down in the rain. What a way to start the day. Well at least I know lm in good enough shape to push it a mile back to the house.

  4. The cowboys are on a roll!

  5. What a good day. Caught a nice fish and Dallas won.

  6. This game is not looking good.

  7. At daybreak I had four strikes. Two were misses, one lost at pier side and one on the deck. 24" rockfish. No other bites. Left at lunch.
  8. i too fish the pier often and have seen a dozen or more fishermen working the fence line. in the fall you will see a rod every foot or so apart. have no fear putting yours in the mix. as for myself, i use one rod most of the time. i fished the fourth of july there and caught 15 flounders from one end of the pier to the other. i move often and work the edge of the rocks to the base of each piling. no keepers though.
  9. the largest ones i've caught or seen came from the area near the bridge. one spot in particular is very productive. nose up to the west piling on the bay side and drop down. just stay to the outside of the markers. hope this helps, good luck.
  10. let me guess, cast out 300' of anchor line from the fence to the edge of the rocks with the sinker breaking off at the end of the day. run two rods out, one on each side of the anchor rod. i tried this before and found that it works best with a nne or ssw wind when you use a three rod setup. a two rod setup will work under any wind condition. i was trying it out on togs during the fall last year but only caught 1 this way. i did like the presentation i could get. looking north, there is a rock that sticks out a little bit more than the others. with a fiddler on a 36" leader and a 2oz barrel sinker with an adjustable float, i was able to catch that two pounder. by slipping the float up a little at a time i kept it away from the sea bass. i was alone on the fence at the time, but thought this would be good to do when it gets crowded on the rail. you could also work that notorious snag zone from the fence to the sink on the north side with this technique, while watching others lose rig after rig. i know some larger flounders must hang out there. with the current only running north or south it makes it easier to line things up. try the eels and crab. eels get tangled up sometimes no matter what you do. a few people have tried this from what i've seen, but i have seen it. so you may be on to something that just needs more people doing it, for it to become commonplace. i have a photo of a 57" 97# drum caught at that location with whole squids. we had three on at the same time that day. a couple of years back, my wife hooked five drum in a row with shrimp as bait on the south side. i floated a live croaker out along the rocks during a sw wind a week ago, but was unsuccessful. maybe these comments will stir things up. good luck
  11. on the incoming stay near 45' to 50'. on the fall 50' to 70'. slack troll sideways. use heavy lead (16 to 24oz) and try to stay under the boat. threeway 24" leader 20# test to lead and 36" of 40# to hook. use khale 3/0 or 4/0 for killies and squid. use khale 6/0 to 7/0 for croakers, spot or blues. cape henry is good during the summer but turns on in sept. and oct.
  12. light tackle is all you need. when you get to town buy two lures "jerk jiggers" 1 chartruse and 1 gold. these will catch taylor blues at rudee and are a blast for a 6 yr old. heck! they are a blast for anyone. also small hooks and light sinkers. get some live minnows from the tackle shop for flounder. you only have to cast 20 feet to catch them. they will be small, but are great for fun. since you are only in town on occasion, splurge on some blood worms, these will catch spot or croaker. good luck
  13. i use to gig for them at night when i was young. i'm from corpus christi and due to being a navy brat ended up in va bch. but around here it never really caught on. due to the size regs, it would be difficult to tell how large a fish was before gigging, that is if your inshore. offshore is another thing, i believe this would be the best way to get keepers when diving. although i've never done this , there are groups of divers in the area who regularly go after them.
  14. i keep mine under the ttop with a couple of bungies holding it in place. i keep all emergency equipment within arms reach. there is nothing i can't get to in less than a second. if you keep your stuff out in the open they will drive right past you. usually they give warnings and only write tickets for expired or missing safty items. you must have done something to irritate them. i've been stopped before but it was to check my flare dates, which i keep in the console. sorry to hear about the fine, i've had no problems in the past.
  15. runs great up to a point then wants to act up, sounds like the fuel filter.
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