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  1. Is this the Cause4Divorce from Xbox? if so... whats the Charter company you have in OBX!??? lol - Static360x

  2. Thanks Don. Something came up for tomorrow. Maybe on Sunday.
  3. Don't know if I am going yet. I will post up if things come together.
  4. I was thinking about the sea bass. My daughter wants to go, I figure she could handle that. She is more interested in seeing some whales. It should be a beautiful day for a boat ride!
  5. Thanks Bob. I was thinking about making the trip up there.
  6. Fished out of Oregon Inlet on Saturday. We ran out to the 600 line in about 100 fathoms. We ended up with 24 dolphin and 1 yellowfin. It was a beautiful day.
  7. Here is a quick run down. Left OI at 5:10. As we got outside we turned Southeast and watched about 50 other boats headed in a different direction. We ran all the way down to the 450 out deep, probabaly 200 fathoms. We found a bunch of different weed lines, but no life around them. We caught 1 dolphin out there by 11:30. Decided to run back inside and find something that looked better. So, off to the West we go. We finally found a weedline that had flying fish hanging around and a bunch of bait hiding in it in about 30 fathoms. As we turned on the line, I could see a huge mat up ahead. We barely had all 6 lines out as we got to the mat. We hooked 5 fish on the first pass. Hell Yeah....game on!! We pulled 15 fish out of that little area. I made the call to stop with the fish still biting. We had our 128 qt. cooler over running with fish. After repacking the cooler, we barely had enough ice for the trip home. We were runnig home at 2:00 with a box packed with fish and 3 very happy fisherman.
  8. Headed out of OI saturday. Waiting on a decent satelite shot to pick a direction.
  9. Cause4Divorce

    Why to buy a Regulator

    lol...That is going back a few years.
  10. Cause4Divorce

    Why to buy a Regulator

    You worked at Jimbo's??
  11. Cause4Divorce

    Gulf area

    Thanks, I will check into it.
  12. Cause4Divorce

    Gulf area

    Thanks... It took me by suprise. I have to support her effort.
  13. Cause4Divorce

    Gulf area

    Hey guys and gals, Does anyone on this board have any family members or friends that are out of work because of the oil spill. My daughter took it upon herself yesterday to set up a donation table in our front yard. She would like to send the cash she collected to a family along with some of her clothes she has out grown (Some never worn). If any of you know a family that could use a little help, send me a PM. Thanks. Don