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  1. I get to see it from the other side on many occasions I have either been crowded, squeezed, or ran over by smaller boats. Most dont realise that we (charters) normally run more lines, a larger boat also behves a lot diffrent than a 25 ft whatever in a brisk wind or current. I have tried this whole season t be nice about it got on the radio and PLEADED wih people to give us room when were fighting mult fish or to pleas turn as i am backing at 6 kts chasing a bluefin only to have a guy cut it off cause he wanted to get closer to see what i was catching. The video above is classic what a lot of people think that we are like which is total BS if we were like that we wouldn't come to the anglers clubs and give talks, come to these boards and drop tips here and there, etc. I'm sorry if it is looking like a rant but come on man this crap gets old.
  2. You should have seen it in the early am i took the wife and the kiddo out ...they had a blast lol
  3. I agree with you todd 100% unfortunatly even the charters don't understand the total amount of permits, lic, and other assocated stuff we are required to have. I personally have felt the sword cutting me off at the knees in the past few years from undercutting and shady boats ( i refuse to call them charters) Just seems worse up here in this area in hatteras and Oregon Inlet areas they tend to "take care of their own" when it comes to that..... love that place
  4. kapoc

    Blue Dragon wins Rockfish Rumble

    We runn out of vinnings landing in little creek
  5. First off thanks to Scott from On Course Custom Charters for putting on a great tourny. We entered the tourny late last fri on a whim, we have been getting decent numbers of larger rockfish in the past few weeks but with tall the angler pressure the fish have been a little more finiky than normal. After meeting with a excited crew that was ready to go right after the capt meeting i decided best to wait til the early moning after the wind blew up to flush some of the fishing pressure outta the bay and we can get it more to ourselves. At 4 am we got out and put to sea under 20kts sustained gusting to 28kts. we headed out the jetty put the tabs down kicked back the throttle to a comfortable speed and made our way to our spot in no time. upon setting up the crew got some pratice runs with some slots and then we got to see everyone come together as a team and we were off!. 8 slot fish and then the bigger ones cam a 48 and a 44 then back to slots. We decided to chill out and go weigh in early all cleaned up by 11 and weighed in at 1201 with a 40.5 lb and a 39.2 taking the lead for the first day. Day two we set out a little earlier due to the flat calm seas and as soon as we set up i saw one roll on top as soon as the anglers eel landed it got crushed soon after a 44" fish came in the boat followed by a 41,43,39 and some slots and 2 FAT 27 in unders. all being said and done we decided to stop burning diesel and head back early to clean up an eat breakfast. at noon we weighed out our last catch with a grand total of roughly 207lbs for 6 fish. Tried to post pics but it isn't liking me too much
  6. As i told you last year you tell mewhe your ready and you can come film me cleaning fish...stripers itis too late fo sheps but tog could happen too.
  7. is that your "on the line" boat at vinnings landing marina ....if it is your just a few slips down from me.
  8. We did the same , we took the madador down to its winter home in HI this weekend. The kings were on fire we went thru 4 packs of ballyhoo in in hour and a half......
  9. Should be an intresting talk, We are planning on participatin in the fishery this year charters or not. They are an awesome fish to fight and great on the table to boot....and we have a few more tags to put into sharks before the year end.
  10. go to thd point where you all always drum fish in the winter yack some big baits out ....you'll be all sorts of suprised on what comes up (or how far down the beach you get yanked)
  11. kapoc

    pt mate jobs ??

    OK second the idea, go to the head boats like the ones in norfolk, and at bubbas and see if you can get in on those first
  12. kapoc

    help please

    are you sure it is pump and not the seals that are at cylinder? Yopu can give my a call and i'll see if i can walk you thru it or give you suggestions (757) 373-2338
  13. kapoc

    pt mate jobs ??

    Age, exp, do you have reliable transportation....if you are going to present yourself than give the people that are looking to consider you somthing to consider.....and go to the docks and talk to the capts......or call around it isn't a easy thing to get into and really not easy thing to do pt time except as a fill in.
  14. kapoc


    Your trip should be fine we were in good numbers of whites yesterday...with a few encounters by tuna and gaffers