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    anyone know where i can get some fresh or close to fresh conch without going to wash, dc (the wharf)
  2. Can someone give me directions to the hot ditch from hampton?
  3. rodneydrjoker


    i never caught a tog, so where is the best shore spot.. and the best rig/ bait to use
  4. at lesner today, not much but three small flounder biggest 16.5 saw two togs pulled in closer to be bridge, had fun though ..frozen mullet.. When are the blues and stripers around?
  5. rodneydrjoker


    has anyone eaten the "fish"? they seem to be everywhere...how do they taste? 16th st pier (nn) they catch lots of them and blues
  6. the ocean eagle out of dowtown hampton ( Raddison Hotel) across from Hampton Univ...they're pretty good.... usually fish between hrbt and mm 868-3474.. or boat out of dowtown newport news ( the very end of jefferson ave near the mm, if you are coming from suffolk and see the tugs off to your right when exiting the mm...they dock there, not where the commercial boats are) don't have a name of them, but I like them 587-9630..
  7. rodneydrjoker


    was there last evening..about 7:00..quite windy, about midway on the pier a couple of guys catching small spot and porgy ( i guess) on the regular... I was on the opposite side and was'nt doing much, until I put smaller hooks on...still much action....the spots are in just small one spot one mullet one croaker..gone by 930
  8. how do you guys like the fish bites..thats pretty much all I use in the last yr..anyone used the new sandworm kind yet? no stink, just wash and go.. no fridge..
  9. rodneydrjoker

    tasty tilefish

    My dad went fishing off va beach last sat..caught several nice tilefish..gave me some..I broiled it w/ garlic powder, old bay and topped with lemon slices and dill sprigs..It was slamm'n anyone had simular info about this fish..
  10. I went last night bout 8:00 ..two sharks..one skate on fresh mackrel strips. nothing else was seen except a skate..any ideas on times or bait.. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Did the blues show up in the lights? If they did there, was probably some stripers in the shadows. A bucktail or gotcha may have worked. Where were you fishing? By the rocks, the end of the pier or the middle? If I have no luck in one spot after a few hours, I'll move. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> i was in the middle north side..i moved closer near end of the fence leading to the pier (by the rocks) one hit but later got hung..gave up went home... nobody was catching anything
  11. I was the lesner bridge last night 730- 930-..I did not catch any thing, but several nice stripers were caught by others there..the most luckiest guy was using a little rattletrap.. i used jerk jiggers, top water plug, yozuri, speck rig, storm, among others..i was near the 3A bouy on the beach .due to the high winds closer you were to the bridge the higher the winds.. i'll be back..after this storm passes what else is usually caught this time of year there..
  12. I went last night bout 8:00 ..two sharks..one skate on fresh mackrel strips. nothing else was seen except a skate..any ideas on times or bait..