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  1. Any of the charters at the bottom of the page have some great deals. Give them a call and see of they have open boats and need to fill a crew. Also check the fishing center they should have a stand by list as the fishing gets better off the coast. Good Luck VooDoo
  2. Try some wind cheaters or you can use bucktails in the 3 oz or under range depending on how fast the tide is running put a grub tail on it or a small swim shad and you should do fine. White and Chartreuse are always working well. For plastic baits you can always get the swim shad baits by calcutta or anyhting like those will work. GooD Luck VooDoo
  3. Craig you are always wlecome to go with me....Give me a call sometime and we will get out there. Mark
  4. If your looking for prices let me know and I can help you out. VooDoo
  5. Nie job Ken that is one nice fish and by yourself is even better. VooDoo
  6. We were able to chum a few up last week for a charter. It can be done and you need to be ready when they show because you may only get one shot. A lot of fish have been either on the oceanfront or up the bay. Good Luck let me know if you need anything. VooDoo
  7. Well at least you got one for the vampire. Nice job on the ones you did catch. VooDoo
  8. Voodoo

    Prayer Request

    Welcome back Craig....glad everything turned out good. VooDoo
  9. It could be the line was put on the reel wrong. If it came off the spool the wrong way it will twist like you described. One way to get it out is if you have a boat, let all of the line out in the water. Then reel it back up with out any weight on the line it should remove some of the twist in the line. VooDoo
  10. We had a charter earlier this week and there is a bunch of Mahi on the north wall around the bouys. No tuna bites and only a few marlin in the spread. Good luck VooDoo
  11. Voodoo

    Prayer Request

    Keep your chin up Craig we are all praying for you. VooDoo
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