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  1. Sorry for the late post, but hopefully its better late than never. Went out to about 5 nm E of the north tip of the Cigar on Memorial Day, where we saw the temp start to slowly rise from 61 deg to over 63 deg. First lines in water around 8:00, first hook-up and loss around 0900. Around 0930 we we had a double, losing one immediately but getting one in the boat - about a 30 lb. YFT. No more for a little while so we trolled further E into the warm side of a nice temp break, catching 5 mahi in 69 - 71 deg water. Most of the Mahi were really nice, with our biggest coming in at 20 lbs. Just about everything we threw out there was hit, but the standout was a blue/white Ilander with hoo, trolled close to the boat.
  2. Trolled the Green Can to the Ramada yesterday afternoon in the 30' to 37' foot depths. Saw some bait toward the bottom and mid-level, but no discernable marks on fish ... and definitely none in the boat. Was hopeful, because the previous day as my son and I drove across the CBBT we noticed some crazy bird action (haven't seen the likes of it in the past 5 years) about a mile below the 2nd Island. Oh well, looks like the new norm is no coastal fishery anymore ... something has changed which is keeping those fish further out, and I don't think it's because they have gotten smarter.
  3. Hello .... hello ... hello. Echo ... echo ... echo.
  4. Hello .... hello ... hello. Echo ... echo ... echo.
  5. Went fishing with my buddy Saturday. I have to pick my days, and the weax and water temps looked good for Saturday - and we'd heard reports of fish - so we went. Got to the Canyon around 0900 and started fishing due East a little before 0930 outside a congregation of boats (we estimate as many as 100 boats, with mine easily being the smallest!). Temps were about 67-69 deg. I fish 4 rods, and about an hour into it, all four went off and screamed. First time ever I've had a full knockdown. We ended up losing 3 of the four, but managed to land the last one ... about a 30 pound YFT. A couple hours later, with water temps over 70 deg (later in the day, we got into water just shy of 75 deg), two of the rods went off. Immediately we lost one, but I held onto mine for 40 mins ... no kidding ... before I lost him. Very disappointing loss ... we got eyes on him at one point with the leaders almost breaking the surface, but it was hard to gauge how big he was. Based on how he fought, I'm guessing 60 pound minimum, but for all I know he might have topped 100 ... he fought like he was bigger. Whole thing made me second guess how I fought him, but I think that between me and the driver, we did just about all we could. I thought about torqueing on the drag more and just trying to turn him, but I could hear the line getting that tensile sound to it. I could feel the hook moving a couple times, and I think that he either wasn't hooked too well, or he was hooked well and eventually we just wore enough on him that he was able to throw the hook at one point. Any suggestions out there on best ways to fight really big fish? You know, in the kind of fights where you feel like you are getting owned for most of it? Been fishing my whole life, so I'm not a novice ... but I'm not too proud to listen. I just don't want to get owned like that again. I would think that with fairly stout JB tuna rods, and a TLD 30 Shimano reel loaded with 80 lb mono with 100 pound floro leader, I should be able to torque in something less than 100 lbs in a lot less that 40 mins. So, I feel like maybe I'm doing something wrong. I don't think I had the drag set too loose ... again, I heard that line twinging, and think that if I'd tightened down more (I thought of it), I might have parted the line ... but who knows, maybe I did have it too light. My back and arms were toast after that fight. Boat handler did a masterful job keeping the fish off our starboard quarter throughout, jockeying between slight ahead and neutral intermittently. Maybe the fish was much bigger than we thought. Either way, I accept that we can't win 'em all, and that fish certainly earned his victory.
  6. Nice work, and thanks for the report! My son and I will be headed up there tomorrow morning. CONFIDENCE, Ch68/69.
  7. Went out Sunday. Just east of Cigar I picked up a slight temp break but kept heading east trying to pick up a bigger one, into the deep water. I found about 70 deg F at the highest, and trolled in the deep water without any luck. I saw a couple commercial boats out there ... I think longlining. Bottom line, I went too far. I made it back to the smaller temp break closer to the 100FM curve and to the Cigar later in the day, but I should've stayed there earlier. I heard one boat out there - I believe one of the two that I saw - picked up 5 wahoo. Anyway ... good lessons learned. Not a bad day on the water. Nice being out there. But it was a bit dissappointing not getting into the fish. This has been a rough year for me on that front.
  8. Looking at heading out to the temp break on Sunday (didn't make it out last weekend). CONFIDENCE CH 68/69. Let me know if anyone else is going. Wish us luck.
  9. Anyone else looking at heading out Sunday? Looks like there is a swell, but there may be a wind break. Still monitoring. If we go, we'll be heading out of Lynnhaven around 0630 on CONFIDENCE, monitoring BTB 68/69. Looks like there could be a decent temp brak by the Cigar. I think we'll start at the Fingers. If anyone out there has some gouge on anywhere else to focus, let me know. Thanks.
  10. Nice work. Seems the water temps are so high now to have scattered the tuna. Love to eat mahi ... but not sure they're worth the gas.
  11. Nice work, Mike ... thanks for the report! How big were the YFT?
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