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  1. Awesome catch brother! I've yet to get my speck citation, but i mostly fish Rudee this time of year, not sure how many citations come out of there. Congrats to ya though!
  2. Ran out to the tower reef and surrounding area yesterday for some diving and fishing. Within minutes there were several gaffers and a bunch of bailers around the boat. To make a long story short, lost one nice gaffer and landed another. Once that happened the bailers took off. Didn't see them again the one I did boat was 19 lbs, so not too bad for being so close in. Get them while they are here, gonna have a pretty steady east win for a few days it looks like. From what i have heard they were catching small ones off the piers in the outer banks as well, although i don't know how many.
  3. They are at the tower, but they are small, and not biting very good at the moment. I would say, hit up the some pylons around the island. They are loaded right now, and there is way less pressure on these fish. Not only that but every time i do this, i see at lease 3 or 4 cobia, so bring a couple eels and have one ready.
  4. Glassy seas, warm water, and lots of fish... We hit one of my favorite wrecks early in the morning to try for some flounder, and had one on the best days I've ever had there. we had to stop due to getting our limit so quick. We decided to run a little closer in and look for cobia, but ended up spotting a giant school of reds about 5 miles off Cape Henry. Snapped a pic of my buddy with one... They were hungry and would take anything that hit the water. All in all, a great day on the water.
  5. Fished for about 2 hours on Sunday. High tide, bay side. Water was rough ocean side, where i normally like to be. Lots of small to medium size croaker and roundhead and a big black drum. Missed several other big bites as well. Saw lots of people drifting for flounder and looking for cobia, but never saw anyone put any fish in the boat. Hoping for calmer conditions this week! ://
  6. Headed out around 8:30 Saturday morning to the triangle. Bumpy at first but it laid down past the light tower. Water was blue as can be when we got there. We started fishing and it was very slow, lots of small seabass... We decided to dive down and check it out. As soon as we got to the bottom I realized the problem. Bottom temp was 51 degrees... bad day to wear a thin suit. We did manage 4 flounder up to 30" thought, so not a total loss. Lots of BIG tog on the wreck, too bad they are out of season. Almost every tog was tagged too, courtesy of Ken Niel I am sure. Hit the tower on the way back in for muscles and spades. The spadefish at the tower are small this year, kind of a bummer. I see people loading up on ones the size of bluegill...
  7. Left dock around 6:00, lines in by 8:30. Hit a small yellowfin and mahi right off the start, and then nothing. Lots of life, whales, dolphins, hammerheads, but as far as fish,very slow day offshore. we did manage 3 yellowfin and a couple mahi. Around 4:30 we decided to finish off the day with a few amber jack. We ran in to the tower and dropped lines, and were immediatly hooked up with several nice fish. What we thought was a shark grabbed one of the bigger fish we had hooked, as it started to run to the front of the boat, it broke the surface hard, and we realized it wasn't a shark at all, but a 600+ lb Blue marlin! Unfortunately that was the last we saw of him, but man, talk about cool. Got some nice meat fro the grill and a cool story to tell.
  8. Went out with captain Dave on the Godspeed yesterday and had a great day. Within 5 minutes of putting lines in the water we had several nice gaffers on. Ended up with 48 dolphin, majority being gaffers, by 10:00 am. Decided to try for billfish after that and lost a sailfish, but a great day none the less. http://www.godspeedcharters.com/OuterBanksFishingReport/
  9. I have been kicking around the idea of entering this year, I have the boat, just not the experience. I am hoping to put together a group of a couple guys who would like to do this as a team who have exp. Tuna fishing, and would like to give it a go. Let me know and can discuss more in detail over the phone or in person.
  10. Nice! what is the water depth where you are fishing? I tried early in the season last year and didn't do very well, would like to give it another shot in the next few days.
  11. I am heading out either Sunday or Monday and was curious if anyone has seen any flounder or croaker around the first or second island yet. I will post back on my findings, but any info would sure be a help. thanks!
  12. squid in rudee on the bottom by any of the grass beds did very well sunday.
  13. On fire back by seashore state park today. They were catching them 2 at a time.
  14. Awesome, good to see a report... been a while. I love how the veterans know how to hold the fish just right for the pic too!
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