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  1. Fished second and third island rocks for striper(or specs or pups). Second island produced nothing casting to rocks, bottom fishing was 2 at a time 10" sea bass. Moved to third island, bluefish on every cast. Several fillet size for the smoker, but no stripers, specs or pups. Georgous weather, some pullage, college football on iPad,...hard to beat!! PS we worked pillings after dark but tide went slack, so zip on stripers.
  2. He's up in wrightsville beach area near Landfall. Yeah he says the speck and puppy drum fishing is usually pretty decent, lots of undersized fish, but usually a few keepers for dinner! Thanks for any info you might have.
  3. Hey MM, I know this is off topic but, I noticed you are listed in wilmington, nc. I recently gave my 18 ' polarkraft w/ 35 Johnson to my son down there. He is learning the inshore waters down there so he can put me on some fish when I visit! Can you recommend a outboard mechanic down there? Thanks So this is at least a little on topic!, nice dolphin!, the hound fish and especially the ribbon fish seem to be more abundant these days. When we used to trawl in the Gulf of Mexico the ribbon fish were an incredibly abundant by-catch.
  4. Book Exchange, we fish off our pier and bulkhead on Little Neck Creek (east of bird neck point, past the cavalier yacht club). We also have had several very good seasons for puppy drum and have caught them over thanksgiving and Christmas, but honestly would not have even thought to fish for them now as cold as the water is!! We also have cast netted several mullet between 16 and 18 inches. While we have always used the small finger mullet both live and cut up for puppy drum and stripers, these 2 lb striped mullet would be a bit large as a prey item for these puppy's so I suspect mating(though they typically spawn offshore in nov dec timeframe). Anyway, it is very interesting that these large numbers are holding in these areas, we just have not observed this in the past. Hopefully, as the water warms their feeding will pick up and we will have a good spring season to pick up where we left off last fall! Good luck, thanks for the report, might make a few casts Sunday!
  5. Does anybody remember what happened about ten years ago, the day after Christmas, just outside the Lynnhaven and all the way to cape Henry light? 12-14 pound bluefish everywhere! There were plenty of stripers mixed in. Just wondering?!?
  6. Andrew K, when you say they are not down here your covering a lot of territory, fishing techniques and size classes of fish!! I was planning on heading to bridge tunnel between beach and first island for incoming tide either Wednesday or Thursday evening depending on the wind. Was going to try for 18-24" fish under lights around pilings with light tackle, rarely get shut out on them this time of year. Have you tried this area/technique recently? Thanks for any info, and I will post my results.
  7. Saladino, I beg to differ with your life history description of the bluefish, I am quite certain that they spawn offshore. Having lived on linkhorn bay most of my life I have seen very little evidence of overwintering and even less of 15 to 20 inch fish at any time of the year? Generally the further inland and away from the bay, there are fewer schooling fish and individuals are smaller. Schools do make spring appearances in long creek, broad bay and even as far as "the narrows". Small individuals can be caught all summer and fall but they are usually not abundant.
  8. Made a lot of casts, only picked up 2 fish, both 22". Winds were calm, tide incoming but not running very hard (tide current prediction charts were correct about that but since weather was nice we went anyway!) Fished between first island and small boat channel closest to beach, trying to find some current.
  9. The bite in the north end of the bay mouth has held strong for a good while, you gotta believe odds are in favor of them "going off" around cape Henry sometime soon!!?? We dragged a lot of water to no avail on the 23rd in the cape Henry area. We're gonna head out this evening and try some light tackle action around the cbbt pilings one last time before the bay season closes!! Hoping the breeze comes down?! I'll post if we get out. Good luck to you all going out today, let us know how you do.
  10. Fish have 2 types of muscle, fast twitch used for short sudden bursts (think of "sit and wait" predators like flounder) this is the white meat and then the slow twitch muscle used more in fish that swim constantly (think of bluefish for example), this is the red meat. The red meat is more densely packed with blood vessels and generally has a stronger flavor. You must not have noticed it before but stripers have always had that "red meat vein". I usually just scrape this away after cooking. I don't think cooking it with the red meat in imparts any negative flavor to stripers. But that's just my opinion. I know a lot of people will "bleed out" fish like bluefish if they intend to keep them for eating, but again I'm not sure it really makes any difference since most people don't eat the red meat anyway? Anyway, that's what I remember about the differences in fish meat(muscle) colors. Hope that helps, maybe someone else has a better explanation.
  11. Headed out of Lynnhaven about 6pm last evening, bay was slick and we had some info from Thursday night that some 38" fish were caught around the third island so we scooted out that way. Low tide was 830 pm but at 7pm it was barely moving at the surface around the pilings. We casted several different types and colors with no luck. Guess we will never know what might have happened if we had stayed longer but knew the surface tide always seems to run hard just inside of the first so headed back that way. Got there and you could just tell conditions were much more favorable! Spent he next hour catching fat 22-26" fish, they were sitting in the same little "pocket" around nearly every piling. Super fun light tackle action, yeah I know, they weren't the 38"+ we were looking for, but fun just the same!! Maybe the best part was that there were very few boats, had the whole area to ourselves! Catchem up guys, good luck!
  12. Bill, I'm not trying to disagree with your concept that we need to better manage the menhaden fishery, obviously they are extremely important prey for stripers and many other species. But, as you found Monday the smaller fish are starting to show. I really enjoy catching the smaller striper on light tackle and we have noticed in the last couple of years that the numbers were more scarce until mid to late December. I think it is possible that smaller schoolies are holding in the river systems, York and James etc feeding on silversides and anchovies and are not moving to the lower bay until water temps drop substantially in these areas. These smaller fish probably adapt just like the older larger fish to what is available, the silversides and anchovies are abundant in the river systems this time of year so why move? Just my thoughts on the matter. Keep catchin and keep reporting its always good to read your posts, I hope to be getting out in the next several weeks and ill let you know how we do!!
  13. We ran to the second island Sunday around 1pm, cast everything we had around rocks both ocean and bay side, not even a bluefish! Ran back into the lynnhaven and went to several places that generally give up some puppy drum and/ or specs, no takers, just one of those days. Glad to hear some good reports from rudee. Weather permitting I'll be back out this weekend!
  14. Took my son , his wife and a niece out Saturday morning to the western branch of lynnhaven, a little hole where we usually fill up on yellowbellies late September through mid October , to see if they were in. We love to catch a mess and smoke them for tailgate parties! We got some bloodworms headed for our spot(no pun intended!). We immediately picked up several spot but I could tell this wasn't the" yellowbelly class" we were looking for, so we started casting gulp shrimp to see if the specks were taking. Well, I know it's been common knowledge that the puppy drum have been numerous,....and small, but we had a blast for about an hour, catching 13-17.5 inch puppy drum on light tackle(man that's tough tossing back 17.5 inch pups, but we did!!) . We have caught lots of 18+ pups over in this area before but not this day! Loads of fun catch and release on light tackle, no mistaking the pick it up and run bite of the pups in shallow water! I'll be back out looking for the yellowbellies this weekend, and who knows maybe some 18+ puppies will be in too!
  15. Beautiful fish, awesome work, thanks for sharing reports and pics, congratulations.