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  1. Going to try my luck with some yellow fins
  2. Sorry was thinking of some one else
  3. How long Dave going to be in HATTRIS thought he was at OI if in hatt would like to get up with him next week tks
  4. Going to HATTRIS the last week of this month is the wind going to ever lay down some. hit me up if anyone is going to be down all ways looking for a buddy boat
  5. Blue and White , Blue and White and every now and then White and Blue. Want be long we will be in Hatt.
  6. Not to sure how to get pic up from phone
  7. . . Ended up with on around 40lb and missed one both on ells about halve way between the light house and ships 50' water
  8. Ended up with on around 40lb and missed one both on ells about halve way between the light house and ships 50' water
  9. Man what a weekend Started out sat in my boat and took a whooping man was it nasty out their. Trolled around the rock pile and the Clark for most of the day got one 30# Wahoo then trolled most of the way in with no luck at least the buddy of mine and his dad that went with me got to spend the day together. The dad even got to reel in his first Wahoo. They brought my boat and truck home while my mate and I stayed in Hatt. Mike (conc the jig master) had called me Tues and wanted me to go with him sun. Man what a difference a night can make we went out around 7:00 sun and man was it beautiful made our way to the rock pile and put out lines wasn’t long before long line goes off but was just a false albe not long after that another about a hour or so flat line goes off that I am standing beside and the fight is on its got head shake so think we got something to put in the box. After about 15 min 25 # Wahoo in the box. Then nothing for a while so Mike says I got a spot I want to try if yaw want so we get them up and run south. Get lines back in and bet it want 20 min. we see a peace of something in water about 3x3 when we go by all u see is peanuts (yes) so we keep going by just in case Mr. hoo is around 3 poles go off while reeling one in a hoo is trying to get the dolphin. We get all them in and go back by 4 lines go off all peanuts. After getting them in we start to bailing after about 45min of as much fun as a person could stand (I love to bail) we had our limit. My man Mike is the man glade he wanted to make the move. This was his first weekend in this boat so glad I could help him break it in right. After getting the boat cleaned back up we started trolling again for about an hour. By now its 4:00 and were 40 miles from the inlet. We head home about an hour and 20 min later we pull thru the inlet. If you ever get the chance to go wit Mike go he is as good as they fellow and I have learned a lot from him tks. Mike. Total for the weekend was Sat 1 Wahoo Sun 1 Wahoo 40 dolphins
  10. Tks Bob hope to see back on the water soon hope your doing good
  11. Man what a day that's what im shooting for this weekend Hahahaha great job