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  1. I may be able to help you. You can email me at oyster_shooter@ymail.com
  2. Tried sending you a message but your message box is full.
  3. Tony, where did you get this info? It is not on NMFS website which was updated on June 5th and shows the season still open.
  4. Buoy 10 is just south of the highrise and its still buoy 10. Its a red nun buoy. Buoy 13 is north of highrise and 16 is a red can north of that. The buoys go in ascending order up the bay and all 3 of those are part of the same chain.
  5. It was updated Virginia... original post was 45.5"
  6. Gotcha, Sweet fish Heather! Been a while since i have heard your name. Glad to see you still on the water fishing! Bill Knapp
  7. Virginia, a 45.5" Red Drum doesnt quite make the cut... nice fish though.
  8. North and West... majority have moved back up the bay.
  9. Heard the Ocean City boys got covered in them on Friday... may be some more coming our way.
  10. Panacea weighed in one as well... 225lb 72" FL. The fish hit a white tandom rig near the 1st dumpsite buoy. It was caught on a Trinadad 40 and took an hour and a half to land it.
  11. gordy

    cobia tower

    S & S marcus... they did my t top. And please get it done soon!
  12. Tautog citation is 9 lbs... the 7lb 14oz one doesn't make the cut.
  13. Its not worth fishing for them... they are gone for the most part. You are better off fishing for trout or togs.