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  1. Do we really need a NC fishing license to fish in the ocean? It seems I heard it is not necessary if the fish are landed in Virginia but it might be different within the 3 mile limit. Anyone know for sure?
  2. If you want to go to the bridge tunnel the amphibious base would be a good choice and fewer people at the ramp. Lynnhaven offers the choice to go to Cape Henry as well as the bridge tunnel.
  3. Imagine my disappointment when I clicked on this post expecting to read about Bob catching two marlin with huge genitalia only to find out it is not that kind of hung.
  4. A neat thing about using channel 28 is its fun to hear your own voice played back to you so you can see how you sound to everyone else.
  5. Silver Lining

    Safety Checks? Worthwhile or waste of time?

    Safety checks seem to be increased this year. Since May 5th my boat has been checked 4 times compared to previous years when it has been once or none for the whole year. I have the check list from the first boarding and just show it too them, so it is little trouble and they are always courteous. A lot depends on where and when you boat. My wife and I like to go out of Little Creek and anchor just off Oceanview to watch the sunset. There are usually no other boats around, especially after it gets dark, so if the Coast Guard comes along we are sitting ducks. Saturday I barley shut the engine off and the Coast Guard pulled up. After dark the Harbor Patrol payed us a visit. I got the complimentary check from the CC auxiliary in previous years and their sticker on the window did not prevent the Coast Guard from boarding. The Auxiliary did save me a possible ticket when they found my flares had just gone past their expiration date and I had them replaced when the official boarding took place.
  6. Here are the coordinates for back river reef in case you have a gps: 37 08.176N 76 13.534W
  7. Has anyone noticed the eddy of warm water just off from the Norfolk Canyon on the sea surface temps? Is it worth a run out there?
  8. Silver Lining

    Oil rigs off the coast

    A friend of mine goes out on charter boats in Louisiana to the oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico where they cast top water plugs to the tuna. He says the water is just boiling with them and they have a great time. It would be great to have that here.
  9. Silver Lining

    Striper and Spinal TB

    Dr. Julie Ball has a good article on mycobacterium infections at: http://www.drjball.com/article6.html Also known as fish handler's disease people have lost fingers and it can even be fatal if untreated. Anytime you get a cut from a fish you should wash the area well and apply an antibiotic to prevent the initial infection.
  10. Don't waste your fuel. The water is too cold unless you can go out over 90 miles. The best we saw today was 67 and we got nothing. Friends out of Oregon Inlet cleaned up.
  11. Silver Lining will be heading out of Little Creek at 3 AM. I will contact you if you are in range. Just east of the fingers seems to be the closest warm water. Russ
  12. Silver Lining

    Where to Buy King StarBoard or Taco Marine Lumber?

    Try Kay Gee plastics 853-7651. I do not know if they have it that large but they have starboard at a great price.
  13. Silver Lining

    Skinnys Kid

    Congratulations Don and nice article. Here is the link http://hamptonroads.com/2008/09/hoping-som...landed-big-blue
  14. Glad to hear you found them Owen. Hope you got a few. Russ