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  1. We just came back from an inshore trip with rock solid charters, rocksolidfishing.com. The captain was very good and he was interested in catching us some fish. He posted our report on his page "mixed grill". I recommend Captain Kelly and RockSolid.
  2. We left Lynnhaven around 5am, caught some bait and headed to the 4th for some spades. When we pulled up we could actually see spades finning on the surface. Got poles in the water and had a bite almost immediately, unfortunately it came loose. After about 20 minutes had a nice fish on, after about 5 minutes of fighting the hook pulled(CRAP). Had a few more bites but no action to speak of. We got tired of the ocean swells so we headed over the the bay side of the 4th and put our spade lines back in the water. We anchored up on the bay side of the 4th nearest the channel. As soon as we pulled up we saw a huge swirl of water that came from some sort of fish or animal, It was like a boat propeller. About 5 minutes later we have a serious bite on one of our spade lines. I had the pole rigged with a spinning reel with 30lb braid and a small strip of clam. This fish started peeling drag like I couldn't believe. I have caught 40lb drum and tuna and this was much much stronger and faster. After about 5 minutes we get a glimpse of what looked like the fin of a ray, but there is no way a ray would be running back and forth behind the boat like this. Most rays I have caught try to get to the bottom and hunker down. This thing was running left to right peeling drag like I wasn't even there. After about 5 more minutes we get another glimpse of it and it must have got a glimpse of us because it proceeded to peel about 200 yards off my reel and broke me off on the rocks, as it headed over the tubes and out to the open ocean. My guess is that this was a big cobia or a very large shark. I am telling this story in hopes that someone can shine some light on what this fish was. I have tried in vain many times to catch a cobia and it breaks my heart to think I had a biggin like that and it had to hit my damn spade rig. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Sounds like you definitely had a better day than me. We fished 9ft shoal for drum from about 7am-12pm. Not a bite. Couldn't manage to keep the clam on the hook for more than 5 minutes. Any ideas why? I'm guessing bait steelers but we never even felt a bump on the rod. We did manage 1 sheepshead at 9 lbs 10oz, just short of citation, on frozen sea clam.
  4. Does anyone know if Long Bay or Oceans East has live peelers or fresh bunker right now?
  5. Wutangclanbrucelee


    Thanks that site helps, but can anyone tell me where to find the reporting form? Can you report citations from the site https://www.vasaltwaterjournal.com/? I have looked all over and cannot find the form for reporting citations. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  6. I'm sorry if I am asking a stupid question, but I am in need of some guidance. I have caught quite a few citation sized fish, but I release my catches and do not like to kill fish, especially when they are that large. Can anyone tell me the process needed to register a citation for paperwork (catch and release)? Also can anyone direct me to a web link or information about citation requirements, size, weight, etc.? I have never registered any of my catches, but I would really like to. Thank You!
  7. Wutangclanbrucelee

    T-TOP and Trailer

    I was wondering if anyone knew a good place to get a t-top for the boat? I am also looking for a trailer. I am not very familiar with the VA beach area, but it seems the majority of marine service, is located there. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  8. Wutangclanbrucelee

    Boat tips

    Thanks for the info. I'll keep checking these sites for a deal. I am leaning toward a Sea King 21ft, Sea hunt 22-23ft or a sea pro 22-23ft. I also found a Sailfish 23ft, but would have to pay to ship it and would be quite a haul just to go look at it. Does anyone have experience with buying a boat and having it shipped?? Thanks again for the advice.
  9. Wutangclanbrucelee

    Boat tips

    I'm currently in the market for a fishing boat and I was wondering if anyone had tips on where to look. I will be doing most of my fishing in the bay, so I'd like to have a 21-25ft CC, in the 20-30k range. I have been looking at a 21ft Sea King. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
  10. Wow! Congrats. I think you have more records than I have fishing poles. Keep up the good work. Great post.
  11. Is anyone having any luck chumming for Cobia this year? I had 0 luck last year and I'm thinking of going out tomorrow to try my luck again. I have not heard of much cobia being caught this year. I have heard a few being caught near the york spit, are there any other locations worth trying right now? I don't have much gas so I was thinking either blue fish rock or the rock pile. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  12. I have been wondering the very same thing. I have fished blue fish rock 4-5 times for cobia, with no success. I did catch a ray about the size of a volkzwagen beetle. I do know of a some flounder at the back river reef, which is fairly close.
  13. The report is a bit late, but oh well, better late than never. We got out of Lynnhaven around 5:30 pm. We started trolling around the first island, but natta. Around 7 P.M. the water started to lay down, so we headed toward the second island. We started with a red/white stretch 35++, a jointed stretch 25 and a charteuce umbrella. We ran into a good amount of school fish in the 18"-28". Around the third island the finally got a 40+" in the box, that is where things started to get wild. We crossed the channel to the fourth and started again. From this point on we caught only hogs in the 36"- 44" range. We were trolling bay side, in calm seas, with a steady outgoing tide. For the first time, I had to throw the umbrella in the box. The stretch's were not allowing me time to launch my umbrella rig. I had to deploy the the stretch's very quietly or I would have a schoolie immediately. Like clockwork, within 5 minutes of deploying the two lures, we would have a hookup. We would turn away from the bridge, fight the fish, land it, measure it and release it. Then repeat. We must have released 25+ fish above 36". Best of all, every fish seemed to be released in good health. We were exhausted by the time we reached the high rise, so we turned around and started trolling back home. We landed 4 or 5 hogs on the way home but not nearly the frequency as trolling the opposite direction. We trolled back to the 4th island, then packed up and headed back to Lynnhaven. On top of the 25+ hogs landed, we had at least 25+ misses and a few of these misses seemed to be much larger fish. All in all this was one of the best fishing experiences I have ever had.
  14. Sounds like something to try. What type of live bait and where should I get it? thanks <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You might want to try live spot. Using bloodworms in the lynnhaven area, should produce some spot, for the live well. You may want to try live eels also. Good luck.
  15. Cheater's never win. She doesn't look like a winner to me.