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  1. They need to get" Great Lakes Dredging" down there they have some of the largest backhoe and suction dredges in the world.
  2. Mega Bite

    Sting Operation

    I hope that I am wrong and everything blows over.
  3. Mega Bite

    Sting Operation

    The Feds did a 3 year undercover sting operation that means they used undercover clients(Agents).They collected info from their searches and were undercover on the suspected boats going over the line with handheld GPS units and satellite tracking devices.The Feds do not issue tickets in this situation they never have.Feds collect data,evidence and tap phones then they put forth the evidence before a Grand Jury.If the Grand Jury decides to indite the suspected Captains then there will be a trial.This is only the first step in a long process.I hope they just warn the people they think commited violations but I seriously doubt they would spend tax payers money for a 3 year sting operation to issue a warning and slap someone on the wrist. These operations have to get approved by higher ups before they can have the money allocated to them to even do the sting operation then when the money does get allocated they are expected to perform they need these inditements to justify spending the money that was put forth .Feds historically do not play games they usually try to maximize what they can do with their cases. All the people involved should not make statements to the press or anyone else for that matter.My guess is it ain`t going to be pretty and it is not over,Just my 02.
  4. Mega Bite

    S.Clause and Cast Net!

    BA try www. charkbait.com
  5. Mega Bite

    Chartering My Boat

    If you do lease your boat out to a charter Co. make sure your Vessel is in compliance with the USCG laws for a Charter boat. You will have to get your boat documentation changed from recreation to coastwise.The fine is steep if you get caught I think it is up to 25,000 bucks per trip.
  6. I know a primatologist who wants to go next time to study Human Behaviorism on the high seas. LOL
  7. Mega Bite

    Where is this.....

    about 51 NM south of Rudee and about 19 nm offshore.
  8. I am going on Friday hope the window doesent shut on me.
  9. Mega Bite

    Fin-Addict VBTT

    Ain`t that the truth ,I smoked an impeller and an Oil cooler so far this month.
  10. We call them" Hub Caps" when they get that large.Pretty work.
  11. Mega Bite

    Coast Guard needs your help

    Stupid is as stupid does.
  12. With these temps there might be some Pomps in the shallows & white water.Try a sand flea on a gold hook flip it out about 10 yards and see if they are snapping next time.
  13. Hammered the BFT on the 25th

    1. Tony S

      Tony S


  14. No Capt. Fatbeard is a Blowfish. I looked him up in an ID book.