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  1. went to the Back River Reef early, around 9ish. Caught 7 Fish, mostly Croaker, decent size, maybe 2 lbs. Some other throw back fish that I couldn't name if I tried. It was a blast though. Caught a couple croaker in the back river inlet. Shrimp was the money bait for us. I saw a guy on a kayak fishing the grass flatts, waaayyy to shallow for my boat, but he had a few flounder around the 20 to 22" range and a slot red or two on his stringer. Anyhow, fun day. Water was nasty though. Tight lines. -JBone
  2. I have never not caught kings working the following set up. 3 or 4 lines in, troll 4.0 to 5.0 mph. Downriggers or planers set to 35 (#3planer) feet on back line, and 25 (#2 planer) feet on other back line. Deeper rig 50 to 75 feet back. 25 ft rig 75 to 100 ft back. Yet another planer #1 size about 120feet back. Then for a bonus, pull a Stretch 25+ 100 yards beack (Be careful turning if you pull the stretch, it causes tangles) The best color for me is silver bottom, blue top. Now, for the rigs, On each of the 3 lines, pull a duster rig. at least 50 pound mono or flouro leader. Use whatever colors you like for the dusters, but I usually stay away from unnatural colors such as pink and purple. Flashy and bright colors are great. Here is the King Killer tip-Rig the duster with a size 1 live bait hook, and a size 4/0 stinger hook tied together. Then add 3 more stinger hooks onto the shanks of each other (Chain them.) Last is the bait. Frozen cirgar minnows trump live bait any day used right. Thaw the cigars right before rigging, a few a t a time. I just put them in the livewell. Next, take the thawed cigar and gently squeeze him from his soft area of his stomach, right along the very bottom middle and work your fingers to his tail. You'll feel a hard thin bone. Snap it as much as possible without breaking open your fish. More on that in a sec. Now, hook from under jaw up through nose on the live bait hook. slide the duster down over it and make sure your hooks are untangled, and your hook chain hangs freely. Lastly, while trolling ---MOST IMPORTANT STEP!!!---hold the line in the water before setting it out. Look at the rig. If the minnow is spinning, pull it out and re-break that stomach bone. Then re-check until it pulls without spinning, then set it out. Again, no one will catch more kings if you rig and set this up correctly. The spinning is the number one turn off to a king. Yes they do hit spoons, but every king will hit your set up. Every time. Multiple lines will go off. Also, 60 to 100 ft of water, over some structure is the biggest key. Even small structure. Lastly, while trolling lines, set the drag tight enough so it is still while trolling, but then add a few pounds to set the hook. When they hit, DO NOT STOP THE BOAT, DO NOT SET THE HOOK, just reel his ass straight all the way to the boat. Keep the boat trolling about 2 or 3 mph during the fight, because this is the number one time more kings will strike. If you stop, ever, all of your line go limp and every cigar will come back bit in half but you'll never even know you had a bite. If you need any more info, I have caught hundreds of kings, I would say if I had to pick a fish I was best at catching, that would be it. -JBone (Let me know if this works out for you)
  3. I took my boat to Florida recently. Went fishing every other day. Caught almost every species in the area minus billfish. Anyhow, limited out on Kings and went cruising the beach for Poons. Found a school of about 4, casted a large Kroc spoon, WHEEEEEEEEEEEE just started peeling off line. Backflips, jumps, tail walks. CRAZINESS! He was in the 100 to 120lb range. somewhere around 7+ feet. We hooked up on 3 in all. Broke off one, spooled by one---on a boat chasing it!!! Anyhow, if anyone plans on cruising the area for Tarpon, I just went and spent $600 on two new dreamy Tarpon spinning rod setups. I am dying to go and it always works out a little easier to have a few boats a few hundred yards apart and combing hot spots. Let me know, I would love to go. First time or not. I will probably take my boat out weekend after next, hopefully a few will be in the area. -JBone
  4. Possible answer for your disappearing croakers, I am from Fl, and we have a HUGE problem with loosing baits like that. Just a head comes back, it always misses the hook, and if is the same thing here, then it is probably a couple of dolphin. (The Flipper kind, not dorado) They can hear the hook and tackle on their sonar and clean off all of our cigars, hardtails, menhaden, whatever. Never get hooked. Most times any other fish will get hooked, or bite the leader and run off a small chunk of line. Well, knowing this, next time adjust your rig. Add another small leader and impale a hook in the back of your bait near the tail. If it was dolphin screwing with you, they'll hear that hook and leave it be. Either way, let me know. -JBone
  5. Launched early, halued butt to the Inner Middle Grounds. Anchored in the roughest current I have aver seen. Approx 3 or 4 mph. Started setting up to try for Reds and Striper. Got sea sick as hell along with the other 2 guys on the boat in the 3+ foot bay swells. My wife and dog weren't sick though. Packed up before even wetting a line and got soaked all the way back to the Back River getting beat up by the swells. Got in the river and beached to surf fish off some islands and flatts. Skunked. Went to new spot and got checked by Hampton PD. Great fun. Found a somewhat promising area right in the mouth of the little back river in between the crab traps. There is a 22ft channel that shoots up to 5 ft. Drifted over said dropoff zig zagging for 2 hrs. Caught 1 croaker and 2 of an unknown species. What kind of fish looks very similar to a Trout, Grey or spotted, but it had the colors of a rainbow trout? I am stumped... Never seen it before. About 14 to 18 inches long. If anyone knows please enlighten me. I hope everyone else has a better time this weekend. Tight lines. -JBone
  6. What were the stripes biting on that day? Congrats on the haul! -JBone
  7. I am going out fishing tomorrow. (Friday) I think I am going to head to Latimer Shoal and soak some clams and squid. If there isn't anything biting, I'm going to set up somewhere in the Inner Middle Ground/9 Foot Shoal area. If anyone else is around holler for JBone on 68 or look for the black Nautic Star w/ a TTop. Good luck to anyone else headed out. I'll post a report when I get back tomorrow night. I am pulling out all the stops for this one. Chum, Livies and all. I'll probably soak 3 or 4 lines while working 3 or 4 more. It is my last trip until Mid July. Tight Lines everyone. -JBone
  8. How much of a chance you'll spill the beans on the area where your favorite piling is. An approximation would be cool. I have ahad a lot of bad luck lately and am looking for somewhat of a break. Fished for 8 hours in the last 2 days off of the Fort Monroe Jetteis because I didn't feel like taking the boat out due to the less than pleasant surf and wind. Only caught a 15" Flounder and it was half dead from being wrapped up in someone's old fishing line. I cut it all free of course so I can catch him again someday. Anyhow, were you on the HRBT? -JBone
  9. No luck on Sunday. Fished south east of the 3rd island about 3 to 5 hundred yards. Drifted while dragging 4 bottom rigs tipped with squid, shrimp, and clam. Caught 1 Skate, threw back of course. Casted strom shads on the CBBT pilings. Went to a spot just east of the CBBT that looked promising on my GPS and Fishfinder. I threw everything in my tackle box and not even a nibble. Went to the lighthouse bouy near the Buckroe/fort monroe area. Not sure what it is called exactly, but threw all kinds of rigs and bottom rigs. Had some nibbles, lost about 5 baits. Had 1 hook actually bend open on a bite. That was it though. What are those little grape sized bulbs that come out of the water? Are they called sea grapes? Anyhow, I found a spot on my sonar on the way back to the marina that look like a pot of gold but I didn't have time to fish it. I will try it out next Sunday. It went from 33ft to 12ft in less than one second while traveling about 35mph. It was a vertical line on my sonar. Not sure why, or what it was, or even the coordinates, but I still have it saved in my chartplotter and I will go back and if anything interesting happens I will post it on here next Sunday.
  10. Ya, the motor problems are all worked out. She runs like a champ now. I've had a blast with it the last 3 or 4 weeks.
  11. It wasn't me, but I also keep my boat at Belle Isle Marina. Nice place. I launched on Sunday also. -JBone
  12. I am planning on haeding to the 3rd island and dropping 5 lines with various flouder rigs tipped with squid and clam strips and drifting with the current from around 10am to 2pm. Anyone else going to be near there? I'll be on channel 68. Cross your fingers for me. -JBone
  13. What is the most inclusive taclke shop in the area? I mean, if I wanted to go somewhere that had tons of live bait, gear, maps and charts, and so-on. Where would be my best place to go on the peninsula. I also went out fishing yesterday at the CBBT on the southern most span before the 1st island. We just casted Storm shads and some soft plastics. Got Skunked. I did pull up a steel cable with my anchor though. At least I caught something! One more question...Any tips for anchoring over the under water tunnel spans? I mean if there are just rocks down there, what should I do? And Lastly, how many feet of anchor chain do I need in an extreme current over sand? I have 4 ft and it did not hold. Thanks. Any info is great. Thanx. -JBone.
  14. Depending on when you go, how far out, and what you fish for, I might be interested in double boating with you. I am not fond of the idea fo taking my 23 footer out in the atlantic alone. I would feel much more comfortable having another boat within shouting distance or so. You never know. Anyhow, just post on here when you are going and where and I might be interested. Also, you can always see if anyone is out there on radio channel 68. -JBone
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