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  1. Todd, I reckon a multitude of small trout are better than no trout at all. With a seasonable winter (no cold stunning), it bodes very well for the next few years. and mom and dad are lurking out there somewhere..... We will be trying it this week, heading over to the eastern shore tonight. We bought some waterfront in southern Accomack county across the creek from Willis Wharf. It looks really fishy with all the grass beds and shell beds so I will be trying to get my little boat in the water from the backyard. We will have to get together, drink cold beverages and tell a tale or two, I haven't run into you in forever! Thanks for the post and hope you have a great fall season! Kevin
  2. All that trip is lacking is catching some blues for your father in law and finding Don on the sofa in the morning!! Good to hear from ya, Bob! Kevin
  3. Congrats, Ken. You know they always say, Good things come to those who bait......
  4. Great pics as always, I always enjoy the visuals along with the commentary on your posts. So, what was the mystery red fish?? Yes, you had pics of marlin and a whale shark so I have to ask about the small catch of the day. BTW, congrats on the latest certification of a Healthy Grin all tackle world record (scorpionfish). I don't know if you all are so smart you know what all these odd fish are and what the record is or if you just bring them to the dock out of driving curiosity but you have accumulated an impressive pile of paperwork aboard the Grin. Thanks for keeping so many of us entertained by reguarly posting your adventures! Kevin
  5. Catch'em up, Todd- good to hear from you! I hope to be down your way this year more often as the wife took a detail in Yorktown. Also, I'm buying a place up by Willis Wharf. We will have to catch up, might even have to enlist your services to broaden my skills a bit, that's a great idea for anyone. Kevin
  6. They definitely called on the right crew for a fantastic article! I look forward to the read!
  7. You gotta admit, its a good thing to be fishing on the Grin! Nice work, Ken and crew! A spiny scorpionfish, who knew??????
  8. Tony, should have some good ones of the bone but don't know about the tarpon. Light was really bad, might have to check social media as I saw a couple videos being shot, You know wifey is the photographer...... and she aint here right now.
  9. We just got back from our place in FL where I actually took a few days to fish instead of working on the place all of the time. I am still having some trouble with my Optimax but headed into some intracoastal backwaters a few days where the cats worried our guests to death but I anchored up on the outgoing tide just outside a sheltered oyster bed that showed some life, netted some mullet and set up with those and some live shrimp. I soon had a screaming run on a small mullet that quickly went airborne. I eased the 18" bonefish into the boat for a quick release and got back to fishing, This was only the second bone I've caught, the first came from that same spot 2 years ago. The next day I made a couple of boat related repairs and our guests wanted to go down to the pier at the North causeway in New Smyrna to see if we good get into a few blues or whiting after dark. It was quiet when we arrived, even for a weeknight so we spread out on the downstream side of the pier on a high but outgoing tide. I heard someone mention that tarpon had been rolling by the bridge piling all afternoon but gave it little thought. I have never been a big pier guy and was just along to mate for the girls and to unhook the catfish I was pretty sure would be the bulk of the catch. Teresa had brought her boat rod which I thought was a mistake as it was spooled with 35lb braid and I figured I would be cutting on that all night to resolve tangles. She had broken off a hook the day before so I quickly slapped on a 1/0 circle hook and didn't even test the knot. All we had for bait was some gulps, squid and dead shrimp from the day before. I really had low expectations. After 30 minutes of releasing cats, and thrown a blue and snapper in on ice, Sherri had on something pulling drag. We had no pier net and neither did anyone else but we got the 24inch cat over the rail and under control. A few people came out to see the fish and meanwhile Teresa was hollering that she was running out of line and the fish was jumping...;. I looked up to see a BIG Tarpon clearing the water! She could not turn the fish and was indeed in danger of getting spooled so handed the rod to me for what I was sure was gong to be a short battle. We just weren't set up for Tarpon. I did manage to ease off the fish to get her to turn and allow me to get some line back in and then it was a long give and take battle. Folks lined the pier and were on there cell phones to call other people as the battle passed the 20 minute mark. Many times I thought it was over as the fish swam near and against bridge and pier pilings. Finally, she was tiring and I began to figure how to unhook her. It is illegal to remove a tarpon over 40" from the water in FL(consensus was between 45 and 48") and we definitely couldn't haul her over the rail like the cat so as she came in tired I began to work her down the rail toward the riprap where a guy volunteered to go down and handle the release. About halfway in, she changed her mind and made one last run under the pier, wrapped a piling and actually pulled the hook. It was probably for the best and it sure made my short list of best fights. I just wish we had a decent picture....Teresa is trying to clean up one of the ones we got but doesn't have much to work with. Everything was against getting the fish that far including kids being underfoot as I followed the runs around the railing. And to top it off?? The bait?? A squid head!!!!! Go figure! Truth is stranger than fiction.
  10. Hickories are lots of fun, but look out when you hook an American! They have been good this year in the Rappahanock where they removed the old Embrey dam some years back. I need to fish the water above there to see how many are making the run into these old spawning grounds... Now if we can just keep a few for catfish bait up here and maybe enough herring to salt down a bucket, I would be in heaven!
  11. Never had that problem, the links have always worked for me. This is what is said: Well, it won't let me cut and paste but a shark caught and tagged by Peter Benchley's (of Jaws fame) is off the NC/VA coast in addition to 2 very large great whites. This one was a 6.5 foot Mako when tagged several years ago. Most likely still a Mako but probably a bit larger now...
  12. Cobia from the beach are rare though it does happen. Reds are in the area and should be getting better as we approach the next full moon.
  13. Good to hear you are still out on the water, Todd! Nice work on the blues too.
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