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  1. write letters and email to state and local reps telling them how you feel. tell your friends and family, especially non-fishing people, about what you are seeing. You know what could be effective? lets invite these politicians to join us on our boats a couple days each year.
  2. I don't know what the official position is on lamprey, but they are a truly nasty critter and should not be returned to the water, especially if they are spawning (I don't know what the fish & game police would say, but your conscience should not be bothered by killing these things). These critters attach themselves to fish and literally eat their host alive. Never heard of them bothering any warm-blooded animals, just fish (salmon, trout, shad, etc).
  3. It's time to get the boat ready for another season. I need to have some work done on my Mercruiser. Can somebody suugest a good (trustworthy) marine mechanic? The boat is currently just north of Glouster, so I'm open to a variety of locations. Southside? Penninsula? Glouster? Deltaville? I'm sure this list will help others as well.
  4. Congrats for keeping your cool in the face of such bad behavior. That kind of behavior continues to jeopardize the rights and freedoms of all the rest of us. My humble suggestion . . . take a video camera with you every time you're on the water. You can capture the good times and document the wrongs you witness. Post 'em both here.
  5. Peapod

    marine mechanic reality check

    I'll post a picture of the engine compartment this weekend. It's snug, but not too unreasonably tight (I can wedge myself in there for anything except under engine access). The boat is a Regal 2465 (sport-cruiser style, shaped like a football). The engine is a Mercruiser V8 (smaller of the two V8 options). I'll get some rust buster and dose up the bolts and seams to help loosen. I agree with the 'second opinion' suggestion -- you guys are the first step in getting that second, and third opinion. Thanks a lot for the input and insight.
  6. I need to have the manifolds and risers replaced on my mercruiser (v8).Mechanic says it will cost 5,000 or more AND he needs to take engine out of boat. Engine still runs well but manifolds are rusty and 10years old. Reality check please! How much should this cost? Does the engine really have to come out to get this job done?
  7. Fish'n'Daze tells a terrible story -- but here's an idea that comes from it. Let's all carry a video recorder everytime we're on the water. Many/most cell phones have that capability now; if your's does then please learn to use it. Most digital cameras have that function as well. If you see something you don't like that -- or that you think is questionable -- record it. We are the people who are on the water seeing these things -- Coast Guard and "Johnny Law" can't be everywhere (and who wants that anyway?) and they can't act without evidence. As for the whole menhaden situation -- I choose not to use menhaden for anything (the resource is too valuable to exploit for commercial gain). Fish oil and protein can be made just as cheaply from other sources. Commercial menhaden processors don't use those other sources because the alternatives were developed (relatively) recently and the companies involved already have their means of production established ... and they are too "old school" to evolve. If we take away the demand for menhaden-based products, then these companies will simply go away. Thanks for the opportunity to share this humble opinion.
  8. Dry cow pies? Maybe that's what we need to rienforce some civility.
  9. Thanks for the suggestions. It's a bit of a long haul out of Mobjack and up to Stingray Point, but it is definitely something I want to do when the weather and work schedule align themselves. Anyone have any pointers for shorter trips in the Mobjack itself or around New Point Comfort? Are there techniques or tricks that are peculiar to this area?
  10. My pet peeve is boaters not respecting another's "spread." Several times last year I lost lines and lures to other boats motoring behind me within 50 to 100 feet. On the otherhand, please try to avoid trolling "against the grain" or in high-traffic areas. If you're not catching fish -- it's probably what you're doing and not where you're doing it.
  11. Hi Folks! Just as I was starting to get things figured out in and around the York River we've gone and moved the boat to Mathews, VA. Can anyone give me some hints about finding and catching some rockfish in Mobjack Bay and around New Point Comfort and Wolftrap? I'd appreciate any help you can offer. Also any suggestions on marinas in that area with fuel -- I've only found one on the North River about 10 miles run from my dock. Thanks in advance for your help! Happy Thanksgiving and good luck.
  12. I don't recall the brand. It's remotely operated - not hand-held. I got it at West Marine about four years ago.
  13. I don't think any of us are worried about the folks who know and follow "the rules of the road." My lights will not confuse you and they will not compromise your night vision.
  14. I'd love to hear from anyone fishing in Moback Bay, too.
  15. That's a great point Marrdro. I am careful about not hitting others with the spotlight. In fact, I prefer not to use the spotlight except for close quarters and looking for channel markers. But it is a mighty good warning light too.