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  1. Any tournaments coming up? Any info thanks
  2. kingjoew

    Blue Cats were hungry today!

    We went out of Dutch gap last last Sunday evening cast netted a few shad fished just north of jimmy deans house 40 and a 50+ within 30 minute of each other best I've done in awhile.
  3. Yeah that was 35 miles out the further I went out seemed cooler than that. And we also got beat up bad from the tower on in.
  4. When I checked my gps it said 72 but not sure if it is accurate
  5. Well don't know how to past pic on here. But after a late start..flat tire we got out of Rudy about 5:45 "fought with outriggers" we were running to try a long run so we ran straight out on a SE barring To a wreck on my gps 56 miles out. But got about 45 and starting trolling west back in due to some minor engine problems. Found a giant grass line from 39 miles out west to about 35 miles out we trolled around that sucker the rest of the day it was instant Mahi Mahi action few tiny ones but all the rest were the good ones..gaffers 30+ pounds we landed 6 of them and lost a hand full. We weren't ready for big bull was following one in I didn't have my pitcher rods even hooked up yet we left after about 4 hours due to be on the safe side with the engine issue but they were all over that grass line 35 miles out we could have stayed and probably filled the boat but is what it is. And thank god for getting us back in.
  6. Yeah we did all right .. Pictures to come
  7. Yeah it's official will be out Sunday anybody wanna team up give send me a message I will give you my number should be at Rudy around 5am Sunday.
  8. Yeah I'm also trying to go out Sunday!! If weather is good
  9. Any dolphin fishing out if va beach yet?
  10. kingjoew

    Yamaha 200 issues

    Well after all that drama... Went out yesterday she ran like a top no issues what's so ever ran around 5000rpm.... 38knots pushed it 5800 pushed 40 knots I heard the yammys hpdi like the higher rpm but I didn't go above 5800... Thanks rugged marine for all your help if your in the tri city area I would recommend them
  11. kingjoew

    Yamaha 200 issues

    Well after two weeks at boat shop. "Two weeks of back log they finally called me to tell me yeah gas was bad and I was right for removing it and cleaning all the filters...but when I put the vst filter back we put it on upside down lol!!! Live and learn I guess so that and a couple gaskets replaced should be back in the water next week.
  12. kingjoew

    Yamaha 200 issues

    Anybody know a decent mechanic around tri city area would be great thanks
  13. kingjoew

    Yamaha 200 issues

    We'll after pumping all gas out changing filters putting sea foam. Tried her out today not happening check the screw on the vst tank empty ball was primed still nothing fill with gas mix think well maybe just needs to turn over to get going nope fired up for a second then nothing check vst tank empty seems like its not getting gas to the engine plugs are new it firing just no gas! Completely lost calling mechanic tomorrow I'm throwing in towel
  14. kingjoew

    Yamaha 200 issues

    Looked like yellow sluge