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Found 10 results

  1. We had three couples Fishing with us for some Family Fun this morning. They wanted to treat themselves to a fishing trip with KeyDreams on this beautiful Day on the Chesapeake Bay. We messed around with those Crazy Spadefish and caught their Boat Limit of Spadefish for the cooler and soon to be frying pan. Then we challenged their skills with some Flounder Fishing and landed 8 Flounder with a couple big ones for the box. We also caught a 5 foot Shark, and a Cobia and a bunch of other things like Bluefish, Grey Trout, Oyster Toads, Black Sea Bass, and Skates. It was a Fun and Beautiful day on the Chesapeake Bay today.
  2. We had group of friends join us on this beautiful day on the Chesapeake Bay with light winds and calm seas. We caught a couple Flounder then jumped into the Spadefish ended up taking their limit and releasing a couple keeping the rods bent with those Crazy Fish. When we were done with the Spadefish we went looking for Cobia and put this 47 incher in the Cooler. We also caught the normal other stuff like a shark, Skates, Croaker, little Seabass, Oyster Toads and such. Lots of Fun with new friends.
  3. It was a typical May, when the wind blew it blew hard in all directions with short interludes of calm seas. Near the end of May the weather started to get more stable like it’s trying to get into the summer pattern. Tog season closed May 15 but not before we had a chance to get on some of those delicious eating fish. Some days the bite was tough, and they are a tricky fish to catch, some days we hit dozens of togs, every day was different. The Croaker started bighting good around the middle of May, although mostly small. Flounder bight was tough, but a few nice fish were caught, our largest for May was 18 inches. The Flounder bite picked up real good June 1st last year and got better as the water warmed up. Red Drum have been cruising into the Bay coming up the coast really good the last couple of weeks along with the Cobia. My First Mate and I got out for some Flounder and Cobia fishing on a Beautiful Day on the Chesapeake Bay. We ended up with 7 Flounder up to 18 inches and messing around with some Cobia releasing a few since the season doesn’t open till June 1st. Overall we had Lots of fun fishing with Great People.
  4. Today we had a nice day and needed a bait run, so my First Mate and I took advantage of the day. It was beautiful today with light winds but the swells were bigger today with the incoming tide. We started looking for some Flounder for dinner and my First Mate caught a surprise Cobia on the first cast. We caught a few flounder, Sharks, Bluefish, Black Seabass and Oyster toads.
  5. We had our Hard core fishing couple out with us again today. It was a windy day out of the North East Definitely not our favorite conditions but it was cooler which is what she wanted, we tried to convince them to go Sunday. We did our best to stay in protected areas to avoid the boat from rocking. We ended up catching 8 Flounder today with a few for the box. We also got some Crazy Cobia action today. They wanted to mess around with the Spadefish but it was just too windy for us. We also caught a few Lizardfish and the normal other stuff like little Seabass, Oyster Toads and such. Lots of Fun.
  6. Today we had a Group of friends get out fishing with us for some Spadefish and Flounder Fishing. It was beautiful today with light winds keeping it calm on the bay today. We started with those Crazy Fighting Spadefish. It didn’t take long and they were in the groove and we caught our 8 person Boat Limit. We shifted over to Flounder Fishing and got a half dozen flounder up to 19 inches with 3 of them keepers. We also caught Bluefish and a keeper Black Seabass. We also got the Cobia Surprise and some reel screaming action. We also caught the normal variety of the other stuff like Oyster toads, small Sea bass.
  7. We had a family outing for Mom and Dad to get the girls out fishing with Key Dreams this morning. It was a beautiful day with light winds, super calm and Glassy in some areas. We started looking for Flounder and got some Flounder action but they were coming up short. As we were heading to another hot spot we saw a couple small Cobia while cruising. After doing some more Flounder fishing we decided to take a detour and play with the Cobias on the way to the next spot. The first Cobia we saw look like it may be big enough so we flipped eels on it 3 times with no response, we were about to try a fourth time and a center console cruised up and flipped their eel at it and again they had no luck with it either. We moved on and saw a few more small ones that wouldn’t eat. We were almost back to our next fishing hot spot and we found about 20 Cobia’s packed up. There was one that looked big enough to keep in the middle of the pack. Surprisingly it took a few tries to get her hooked. It was kind a crazy watching the small cobia grab the eel by the tail and drag it away from the pack and just drop it never having the hook in its mouth and swimming back to the pack. The 3rd or 4th attempt landed rite on top of the biggest one in the middle of the pack and she sucked it up with-out hesitation. The pack tightly followed the big one we had hooked and it was crazy fun trying to get another one hooked up while they all followed in plain view but they kept either ignoring the eel or dragging it away, like Spawning bass clearing their bed. One finally pulled the eel off so I quickly grabbed a live bait and got one to hit but he missed the hook. Started to get nervous about losing the one we had on the hook so we netted it and they left. Since we did hook the biggest one in the group of about 20 of them and it was only 41 inches I’m pretty sure we got the only keeper out of that bunch. It was fun playing with them be we decided to get back to Flounder Fishing and got a nice eating size Bluefish and a Triggerfish. Then we finished up by going after those Crazy Fighting Spadefish and ended up catching our Boat limit of Spadefish. We also caught the normal other stuff like little Seabass, Oyster Toads and another baby Sea Donkey. Oh yea the Bonus Prize we saw floating on our way south and the Kids were excited about the rare catch (see pic). Lots of Fun.
  8. After a brief Northeast Blow shutting us down for a couple days and Hurricane Chris passing by offshore gave us some swells but nothing to keep us from getting out there for some more fishing. Today we had a regular return from New Jersey again to fishing with us. Last year she got her Cobia and Flounder she wanted, and this year we put them on their Boat Limit of Spadefish and she also got her a 41 inch Cobia this year. It was Beautiful Day on the Chesapeake Bay and a Fun Time with Good People.
  9. We had a Mom and Dad get their kids out for some Family Fun Flounder fishing this morning for a half day trip. It was the youngest boys 7th birthday and he was a blast all morning. We finally had a short lay down of the waves and had a beautiful sunny morning with light southerly winds. Tropical Storm/Depression Julia has been lingering off the Eastern Coast messing up the weather for us lately. We spent the first couple hours catching Spot, Croaker, Roundheads, and little Grey Trout and the kids had a ball. I love seeing our next generation getting excited about fishing. Fishing is so much better than getting emotionally involved with an electronic device you hold in your hand. We spent the second half of the trip looking for something bigger. The kids where surprisingly quick at learning the techniques and strong for their size and I believe out-fished Mom and Dad. They caught Flounder up to 19 ½”, Puppy Drum up to 25”, Baby Cobia, Grey Trout up to 15”, Roundheads, Spot, Croaker, Baby Seabass, Puffer Fish, Oyster Toad, and they got just as excited about everyone. What a Blast, lots of fun.
  10. After another Northeast Blow shutting us down for a spell we finally got out again for some fishing. We don’t take our folks out in that nasty weather and big waves, for us it’s all about the fun and keeping it safe for everybody and enjoying the day. Today we had a regular from New Jersey fishing with us again this year for a half day fishing trip. Last year she got her Big Red, but this year she wanted a Big Cobia, but still wanted some Flounder for eating. We knocked out our flounder fishing early catching them up to 19 inches, and then we spent the next 3 hours Cobia Fishing. It took a bit of looking to find them, but we did find a couple Cobia to play with. We also put Bluefish in the cooler and caught the other various fish like Black Sea Bass, Oyster Toads, and even a couple small Black Grouper. It was beautiful today with light winds and some overcast keeping it cooler.
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