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Found 12 results

  1. When the wind blew it blew hard in all directions with short interludes of calm seas. Near the end of May the weather started to get more stable like it’s trying to get into the summer pattern, then Tropical Storm Alberto hits Florida and gives us tons of rain for the tail end of May. The Tog season was extended to May 15th giving us two more weeks to catch them up. The Croaker started bighting good around the middle of May. Flounder bight was tough but a few nice fish were caught, our largest for May was 18 inches. The Flounder bite picked up real good June 1st last year and got better as the water warmed up. Red Drum have been cruising into the Bay coming up the coast real good the last couple of weeks along with the Cobia. Cobia season opens June 1st this year. Here is a picture of a Citation Red Drum we caught. Overall we had Lots of fun with Great People.
  2. Had a great forecast for the morning and it ended up being a beautiful day on the Bay. We had Mom, Dad and their 2 kids out for a family fun and fishing Day on the Bay. We did spend short periods of time looking for some flounder for Mom and Dad and caught Skates, Oyster Toads, Seabass and a Keeper Grey Trout. We spent most of the time playing with the kids and the smaller faster bighting fish. They ended up with a keeper Grey Trout and some medium croaker for dinner. The kids were very competitive in their race to catch the most fish (mostly Croaker). The little girl was so cute petting the fish, even the minnows, and my first mate informed me that her little brother was a Hugger. So Cute. Watching the Family have so much fun together catching those croaker was great. Lots of fun.
  3. Had a good forecast for the morning and a couple of longtime friends wanted to get out on the bay for some sightseeing, and a little Croaker action for fun. They had a Ball and the Croaker were small to medium but bighting fast and the two friends acting like kids were getting competitive. Watching the 2 Ladies acting like little girls and having so much fun catching those croaker was great. Lots of fun with Great People.
  4. I had a wonderful opportunity again this year to participate in the annual Youth Fishing Adventure held at Hampton City public piers and very well organized by the Virginia Charter Boat Association. We were able to get 215 of the Boys and Girl Scouts of America and Boys and Girls Clubs of Hampton out for a Fishing Adventure along with their 43 chaperones. We caught and released everything for this event and we managed to catch a good variety of fish for these young folks to see up close. The Scouts were all given new fishing poles for this event provided by the Sponsors. There was a essay competition and awards ceremony and lunch for everyone and guest Speakers like Jim Wilson (Director of Hampton Parks and Recreation), Susan Musick (Virginia Institute of Marine Science), Alan Alexander (Virginia Charter Boat Association), and Congressman Rob Wittman. This Event was made possible by the following Sponsors: Virginia Charter Boat Association Bass Pro Shops Hampton Parks and Recreation City of Hampton Buckroe Fishing Pier West Marine Hampton Sea Tow Hampton Roads Wilcox Bait and Tackle Virginia Institute of Marine Science Virginia Marine Resources Commission Bay Country Kayaking Fishing Tidewater Old Point Bank Vane Brothers Hampton Downtown Docks Blue Water Marina Miss Hampton II Cruises Kingsmill Sports Club Hogans Insurance Sinkerman of Yorktown Spacewalk of Yorktown and the following Charter Boats: Key Dreams Charter Boat Service His Dog House Too Cyn Lyn and We 7 of Harrison Charters Poppy G as the on water Photo Boat Lemon Twist Smok’n Gun Rudee Mariner Ocean Eagle Puppy Love Wendy Kay There were also activities and exhibits include by: Bounce House from Space Walk of Yorktown Virginia Institute of Marine Science Chesapeake Bay Foundation Virginia Living Museum Bass Pro Shops Bay Country Kayaking Vane Brothers Marine Safety Unit, Norfolk Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center It was great to see so many Charter Boat Services get involved and hope to see more next year take a day out of the normal grind and spend a day just having fun and fishing with these kids or should I say young adults. If anyone has more pics of this event feel free to add them to this post.
  5. Had a good forecast for the morning and it ended up being a beautiful day with flat seas. We had 2 Moms 2 Dads and 2 kids out for a half day of family fun and fishing. We targeted the Big Striper for most of the morning, but didn’t hook any Big Striper. We had a slow bight with some soft hits. The Striper weren’t aggressive this morning. The Striper bight marks were from big Striper but were only half way up on the baits, more like an attack leave me alone bight then a feeding bight. We shifted over to Flounder fishing for the last hour and caught some toads and Flounder. We managed 2 Keeper Flounder. On the way in we stopped outside Little Creek Inlet for some fun Croaker fishing for the kids. They had a Ball and the Croaker were small but bighting fast and the kids were getting competitive. Mom and Dad helped the kids hook them and reel them in. Watching the 2 little girls have so much fun catching those croaker was great. Lots of fun.
  6. Thursday morning we had a Family Fun Croaker trip with Mom Pop and their two young ones. Goal was to get the kids some rod bending action. We caught a lot of croaker and the kids got comfortable with the fishing poles. The little boy became was quite impressive with his casting skills and was hooking them up like the big boys. I think he has a shot at the pro’s when he grows up.
  7. We participated in the Young Life Fishing Tournament fund raiser with a morning and afternoon trip. The Afternoon trip we had the younger kids and focused on the Croaker. They had a lot of fun with the constant action. They got some good practice building their rod handling skills. They caught a lot of croaker and Won Two of the four Places in the Tournament for Most Fish Caught, lots of fun watching them. Looking forward to next year. The Young Life Fishing Tournament raised $23,000.00 this year.
  8. We participated in the Young Life Fishing Tournament fund raiser and had a lot of fun with these guys. The morning trip we took the older kids out and tried for some bigger fish like the Striper, but the Striper weren’t cooperating, we did have a few started but they pulled the hook. We caught some croaker to liven the trip up and everyone had a fun time. Looking forward to next year. I posted a very nice letter the Young Life staff sent me.
  9. Ran out for a few hours just outside Little Creek Inlet and caught a couple hundred fish between the two of us. Mostly croaker and two dozen Round Head / King Fish, dozen Grey Trout / Sea Trout / Weakfish, ½ dozen Sand Perch. This type of trip is great for short family trips where you want to see how the kids react to a boat fishing trip. These fish are generally smaller then what we keep to eat but are good for bait and practice for the kids. We do get some big enough for the cooler. Heard about some small Striper on the radio at the 1st Island. The picture is from a previous trip this April of a kids family fun croaker trip.
  10. On Saturday the 29th I was honored to participate again in the 2nd Annual VCBA Youth Fishing Adventure. We had some concerns about the weather, but Good Lord willing the winds layed down enough to show these kids a good time and teach them about the joys of fishing. We had 87 Scouts both Boys and Girls and 2 of Harrison's head boats and 10 Charter Boats that volunteered their services. The kids where all given Abu-Garcia spinning rods which where sold to us at cost and paid for by the sponsors which they used for the fishing trip. They also received nice hats from the VMRC. Part of qualifying them for their fishing badges included training so I had a list of fishing and boating related topics to cover before underway time. I had Girl Scouts on board and was quite surprised at how interested they where to learn how to fish and their enthusiasm while fishing. My wife mated for me and we had an adult female chaperon and 5 girl scouts in the cockpit having a ball. We only fished for about 2 1/2 hours because there was many other events in our program, but they caught 92 fish between the 5 of them. Most of the fish where croakers but we also caught nice spot, roundheads, trout and a lizardfish. You can only imagine how fun it was watching 7 girls working the cockpit bailing small fish. I had such a Great Time. After the fishing there was a big BBQ and an awards ceremony for the best Essay on how even one person can help Save the Bay. Just so happened one of the girl scouts that fished on KeyDreams won the essay contest with a very well written 500 word essay. Congress Woman Thelma Drake handed out the awards. The girl scouts also received their Fishing Badges.
  11. Saturday, We didn't have a charter so my wife and I went out in the afternoon wanted to target Flounder, but the reports on the radio where sounding grim for a flounder bight. We tried a couple hot spots spending almost an hour with no takers, so I decided to go see if the croaker where bighting off Ocean View yet. We got there and the bight was hot and heavy. We caught 150 croaker in four drifts and less then two hours. They ranged in size from small eating size 1 1/2 pounders to tiny flounder bait size. We loaded up the live well and now are quite ready for some live baiting action. We stopped by Oceans East for some supplies on the way home and heard there where some Citation Croaker Caught, not sure where the Big Croakers where caught, but I would suspect somewhere up river. Sunday, We had a Charter of five guys who never fished for Togs before. The radio reports didn't sound like it was a good bight, and we didn't see anyone else catch any togs. I thought they did an excellent job catching togs, especially for their first time tog fishing. they caught around 10 togs with four keepers and the biggest weighed 7 pounds and 22 Inches long. These guys make the togs look small in the picture. The smallest tog we kept was 14 1/2 inched, and Mike my mate in the doorway is standing up on the step behind them. It was a beautiful day and we all had a Great Time and they got some good eats. Catch Ya Later,
  12. FIRST ANNUAL YOUTH DEVELOPMENT �HOOKED ON FISHING� ADVENTURE Sponsored by Virginia Recreational Fishing Development Fund and Members of The Virginia Charter Boat Association. Co-Sponsored by Green Tops Sporting Goods of Richmond Buzzard�s Point Marina The Hat Company Abu Garcia Rods and Reels Chesapeake Angler Magazine Jerry Smith, The Clothing Source. The Virginia Charter Boat Association (VCBA) hosted a Youth Fishing Day on Saturday May 31st 2008 all up and down the Chesapeake Bay with the largest turn-out of volunteer boats in the Upper Bay. The Southern Chapter which includes Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Hampton had 3 Volunteer Boats, Steffi Diane with Capt. Ron Bennett, His Dog House 2 with Capt. Joe Farrara, and KeyDreams With myself Capt Bill Keys. We had Boy Scout Troop 375 where we where able to get 13 very well behaved young men and their 3 chaperons out to learn a little about fishing in the Bay. We took them out for croaker around the southern shore near Little Creek Inlet. They all caught a lot of Croaker a few small Grey Trout and we even caught a couple of small Flounder. The Kids were all given new fishing poles donated by Abu Garcia and Ball Caps from Virginia Recreational Fishing Development and a free fishing trip. We all had a Great Time and I would love to see more Charter Captains in the Southern Chapter of the Virginia Charter Boat Association Volunteer next year. Catch Ya Later

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