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Found 23 results

  1. It was a typical May, when the wind blew it blew hard in all directions with short interludes of calm seas. Near the end of May the weather started to get more stable like it’s trying to get into the summer pattern. Tog season closed May 15 but not before we had a chance to get on some of those delicious eating fish. Some days the bite was tough, and they are a tricky fish to catch, some days we hit dozens of togs, every day was different. The Croaker started bighting good around the middle of May, although mostly small. Flounder bight was tough, but a few nice fish were caught, our largest for May was 18 inches. The Flounder bite picked up real good June 1st last year and got better as the water warmed up. Red Drum have been cruising into the Bay coming up the coast really good the last couple of weeks along with the Cobia. My First Mate and I got out for some Flounder and Cobia fishing on a Beautiful Day on the Chesapeake Bay. We ended up with 7 Flounder up to 18 inches and messing around with some Cobia releasing a few since the season doesn’t open till June 1st. Overall we had Lots of fun fishing with Great People.
  2. We had Family Fun trip this morning with a Father, Son and Brother fishing with us today for some Togs. These nice days are sparking Spring Fever. It was another beautiful day with south winds and mostly sunny. This was their first ever Tautog fishing trip and they got the technique down did excellent for their first time. The bite was good today and sometimes on fire as they ended up catching 26 Togs keeping 6 of them up to 20 inches for dinner.
  3. When the wind blew it blew hard in all directions with short interludes of calm seas. Near the end of May the weather started to get more stable like it’s trying to get into the summer pattern, then Tropical Storm Alberto hits Florida and gives us tons of rain for the tail end of May. The Tog season was extended to May 15th giving us two more weeks to catch them up. The Croaker started bighting good around the middle of May. Flounder bight was tough but a few nice fish were caught, our largest for May was 18 inches. The Flounder bite picked up real good June 1st last year and got better as the water warmed up. Red Drum have been cruising into the Bay coming up the coast real good the last couple of weeks along with the Cobia. Cobia season opens June 1st this year. Here is a picture of a Citation Red Drum we caught. Overall we had Lots of fun with Great People.
  4. We had another 3 pac Family trip today for a quick half day trip looking for some Togs and just having fun on the bay. These nice days are sparking Spring Fever. It was another beautiful day with light south winds and sunny. The bite was still slow and finicky and they ended up with 1 big enough to keep for dinner.
  5. Got a Dad, Son and Grandson out today for a quick half day trip looking for some Togs. It was a beautiful day with light south winds and sunny. They did pretty good for their first time at tog fishing. The bite was slow and finicky and they ended up catching 7 Togs, released 5 that were just short of size limit and 2 nice keepers for dinner.
  6. We were blessed with the wind laying down and a beautiful Sunny Day on a Saturday. We took advantage of this and did some Striper and Tog fishing. It was a finicky bite, but there was plenty of nibblers to steel our baits. We managed a couple keeper Striper up to 31 inches and a nice Tog. GrandPa showed us how to catch the Striper today. We also caught around a dozen little Black Drum while tog fishing along with plenty of little Black Sea Bass the pesky Toadies. Beautiful Day on the Chesapeake Bay with calm seas, sunshine and good company.
  7. The Big Red Drum seemed to be everywhere again this year, we caught this one and a couple of Sharks while live baiting around the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. Spotter Planes have seen schools of these Big Red Drum that are miles wide and miles long this summer. Unfortunately they are eating everything in their path and they are too big to keep with the slot limit. These Big Red Drum can live up to and over 50 years of age. The day before Striper season opened we ran out to catch some more live baits and see how the Striper were bighting and it didn’t take long to catch a 12 pounder. It seemed to turn out that the Striper bight was much tougher this October then in the past. Instead of having that fast action with the 5-10 pounders and the occasional bigger fish, it has been only a few larger fish and its been harder to get the bight this October. November is looking promising with the larger schools from the North East States moving south with the cooling water temps and the menhaden. Hopefully Hurricane Sandy stays further out to sea and doesn’t mess us up too bad. Grey Trout seem to be making a come back, showing in much better numbers then the last several years, even had several multiple hookups with the Grey Trout, but most where just undersized. These Grey Trout should be nice keepers next year. Puppy Drum (Little Red Drum) and Speckled Trout have been the best action on light tackle this October and we have been catching them pretty steady inside Little Creek Inlet with grub tail jigs. The Puppy Drum seem to be out of control this year with them being stacked up everywhere. We have been catching them deep, shallow, in the Inlets, at the boat slip and even out along the bridge with live baits. I caught a Puppy Drum the other night that hit a Croaker while live baiting on the CBBT for Striper and I had a hard time getting the hook out of his mouth because the lips of this 17" Red Drum where so stretched out around the croaker. I pulled the croaker out of his mouth with a pair of pliers and three (3) Gulp lures of different shapes and colors about 4" size also fell out of his mouth, this amazed me and I wish I took a picture. Today I was over Cove Marina on Little Creek Base and heard of a Keeper puppy drum that one of the guys was cleaning also had three (3) Gulp lures in his stomach. I suspect they are sucking up the spent gulp lures off the bottom and eating them like food. I would also suspect they would have a hard time digesting them. I saw pics from a Striper Tournament up in Maryland where all the pictures where puppy drum and one 24" Striper for a Striper Tournament. Tog fishing seemed to be the best bet for putting meat in the box this October. Most of the Togs we have been getting have ranged from 17-21". You do tend to catch a large variety of other fish or bait stealers while togging this time of year like the little Black Sea Bass, Oyster Toads, Pin Fish, and so on, until the water cools down more and you have less of those little bait thieves. On our last trip we got our limit in Togs but also had a surprise when my mate hooked up a Big Black Drum of 47" for a release citation. Big Black Drum are bull dogs to catch but not the best table fare and are best released after a picture.
  8. The forecast was so nice we had to get out there, so I grabbed my Mate and we ran out for a quick check on the fishing to see what we could get. We did some tog fishing found most where just a little too small, but managed a few big ones. We found the croakers where bighting so we caught up a bunch of them and tried the bridge to see if any Striper where around. It didn’t take long I was hooked up an a nice 34" Striper that looked very clean but not as thick as I would like to see. Good to see the Striper are getting into position for the Spring Striper Season. The Striper was released unharmed so we can catch him again after May 1st.
  9. Got a Father and Son out today for a half day trip looking for some Togs. It was a beautiful day with light south winds and sunny. They did pretty good for their first time tog fishing. We had a slower bight then the day before but more hook-ups and they ended up with 5 keeper Togs, just one short of their limit, but they tried so hard to get that last keeper.
  10. What can I say it was Friday the 13th. Got a few guys out for a half day that wanted to try their skills on some Tog fishing. It was a beautiful day and we had a decent bight at times in a few different places but they just couldn’t seem to get them tricky Togs hooked except for two fish. One was just a little too small and the other was a nice Tog, so we ended up with one nice keeper.
  11. Got out for a nice day of Tog fishing. We managed to find a few places with a good bight but they where all around 14 inches and too small, so we went out to the Cape area to see if we could find some Flounder on the Channels edge but that was loaded up with Dogfish. There fun to catch so we played around with them for a while. Dogfish are good to eat as long as you gut them immediately. I prefer them batter fried in little steaks like finger food.
  12. Sunday Morning looked like a nice break in the weather with light winds and little chance of rain so we got a Father and Son that had never been Tog fishing before out to test their skills. I wouldn’t say the bight was fast but they both managed to hook up on some Togs. The Togs where all nice size fish with the Biggest weighing in at 12 lb. 10 oz., and the second biggest just missing citation at 8 ½ pounds. Not bad getting a Tog citation on your first tog fishing trip.
  13. Finally after hitting the winter maintenance hard and doing prep for another fishing season we got back out there to test the bay for those Big Togs. We had a beautiful day Tog fishing with our biggest weighing in at 9 lb. 4 oz. caught by my First Mate. While we were out there saw a lot of birds working Bay side of the Third Island so we went to check it out and found a very large school of Dolfin playing, jumping and rounding up the bait. It was nice to see them again.
  14. The weather for this weekend drove me crazy. Earlier this week Saturdays forecast was beautiful with lite south winds and warm the forecast changed like overnight to north 15 to 20. Ended up postponing my Saturday trip due to the forecast. Got up Saturday morning and the winds weren’t blowing so my Mate and I ended the Tautog Season with a limit of Tog before the wind blew. The wind did start blowing around 9 AM and blew enough all day out of the north to keep us tied to the dock the rest of the day.
  15. Got out late in the afternoon around 2 for another quick check on the bight. We caught over a dozen togs again with 5 Keepers. The bight is holding steady, but they where still bighting very light, when the water temp come up a little they will be bighting better. Looks like a nice break in the weather next week. Tog seasons closes at the end of April so don't wait too long or it will be over. If you want to go check out my website on the link below.
  16. The wind layed down and it was a pretty day so I finally convinced my real First Mate to go for a couple hours. We got out sometime in the afternoon and it was real nice. We hit a few different spots and found the tog bight was a bit better in each spot then the last trip, but more small fish bighting today, so we fed a few for sure. We caught a dozen or better but ended up with only 6 keepers.
  17. Friday afternoon the wind layed down nicely so a buddy and I ran out for a few hours on a scouting trip. We did one real long drifts in one of my favorite early season spots but no flounder. I did catch something I couldn't believe so I took a picture of it. This fish hit the bait, but felt small and scrappy, when I first saw it I thought it was a bluefish, wait a minute its too cold for bluefish. I pulled it out of the water and couldn't believe my eyes, I just hooked in the mouth with a flounder rig a Menhadden better then a pound. I didn't think it was worth another drift so we shifted to togging. The bight was tough or should I saw very light. We caught 7 togs with the biggest just over 7 pounds, all keepers. The Tog Bight is picking up and with a couple more degrees warmer the bight should get hot. Beautiful day on the Bay and some nice Tog in the box.
  18. Saturday, We didn't have a charter so my wife and I went out in the afternoon wanted to target Flounder, but the reports on the radio where sounding grim for a flounder bight. We tried a couple hot spots spending almost an hour with no takers, so I decided to go see if the croaker where bighting off Ocean View yet. We got there and the bight was hot and heavy. We caught 150 croaker in four drifts and less then two hours. They ranged in size from small eating size 1 1/2 pounders to tiny flounder bait size. We loaded up the live well and now are quite ready for some live baiting action. We stopped by Oceans East for some supplies on the way home and heard there where some Citation Croaker Caught, not sure where the Big Croakers where caught, but I would suspect somewhere up river. Sunday, We had a Charter of five guys who never fished for Togs before. The radio reports didn't sound like it was a good bight, and we didn't see anyone else catch any togs. I thought they did an excellent job catching togs, especially for their first time tog fishing. they caught around 10 togs with four keepers and the biggest weighed 7 pounds and 22 Inches long. These guys make the togs look small in the picture. The smallest tog we kept was 14 1/2 inched, and Mike my mate in the doorway is standing up on the step behind them. It was a beautiful day and we all had a Great Time and they got some good eats. Catch Ya Later,
  19. Saturday we focused on Tog Fishing. We covered a lot of areas and it seemed to me that the females togs weren't feeding well today, they may be thinking more about dumping those eggs. The majority of the day we would find only one hungry Male Tog in each location. We did hit one area where we caught the only three Female Togs we caught all day. We did manage a Creel of some real nice Togs with a average weight of around 7-8 Pounds and the largest caught by my wife again was 10 lb 12 oz. I try to convince her that she is catching these big ones because I'm so busy driving the boat and can't focus on the bight like she can, but I think her head is starting to swell. I can still pull my own weight catching at least half the fish while driving and cutting bait. Keep in mind the Tog Season closes at the end of the Month. The Flounder bight on the radio didn't sound good all day. It was such a beautiful day we didn't want to go in so we finished up the day with one long flounder drift from the Small Boat Channel to about half way to Little Creek Inlet without a bight, but the dogs took a nice nap during the lazy drift. Sunday we focused on flounder. We covered a lot of Lower Chesapeake Bay Territory that usually holds Flounder this time of year and had slim results. I think your best bet for flounder for the rest of the week would be in the shallows, inner bays and creeks. We caught plenty of Dogfish and only one nice keeper Flounder. I didn't hear anything on the radio about flounder. A friend of mine also caught one big flounder in the same location. The flounder bight should pick back up again soon when they move back to deeper water. Catch Ya Later,
  20. Had a beautiful day on Thursday. Just my wife and I today, but we caught over 30 keeper sized Togs and got into a bunch peanut togs as small as 10 inches in one location. We focused on the CBBT areas using Crabs. My Wife caught the biggest of the day at 10 1/2 pounds. Forgot to take pictures again, but weighed it in at Long Bay Point. Catch Ya Later,
  21. Weather forecasts have been frustrating, which is typical in the Spring. I had a group wanting to do some Tog Fishing, so they where standing by for the call. I saw an opportunity Thursday around lunch time, so I called them and we all ran to the boat. Conditions where all falling in line and we where underway by noon for a half day trip. I worked around the CBBT and found them in a few locations. The bight was awesome and we caught 73 legal size Togs, and only a few that where undersized. We ended up with a limit of Big Togs probably averaging 7 to 8 pounds. These guys all knew how to hook them, so it was quite an exciting Tog trip, they certainly kept me busy. They seemed to be bighting on Crabs or Clams about the same. Catch Ya Later,
  22. Monday 13 October 2008, We went out in the afternoon after the Rally, and went looking for Togs since the Striper bight has been slow lately. The bight was relatively slow for the Togs, but the Black Sea bass, Oyster Toads and Grey Triggers where certainly hungry. We ended up with our best tog bite on the third island tube where they are dumping rocks during the week. We used primarily Crab for bait and all the Togs where caught on Crab. We caught three citation sized Togs up to 11 Pounds. Catch Ya Later,
  23. It was a bit of a blow in the Morning NW 20+, so we ran to Fishermans Island and drifted for flounder in the Lee until the winds died down and the bridge was fishable around noon. All the togs where good size. 5 to 8 pound range with most of them between 6 and 8 pounds. Put 16 in the Box and released a few. The group with one comming all the way from from NY wanted Tog and we waited out the winds Mon, Tues. and Wed. was the last chance, so we went, this was not a trip for the timid or novice fisherman, but I've fished with this group many times before, and knew they where seaworthy and excellent anglers and we finished the end of the Spring Tog season with fish in the box. Catch Ya Later,
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