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Virginia Beach Fishing

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Back home this time of year we have the BFT fishery which brings EVERYONE to the area. When it gets slow, the civil war tends to erupt and be argued all over again b/w the guys on high dollar sportfishers w/ a southern port on their stern and the greenstick tuna boys from New England. Kinda comical, but only because you have to laugh at it to tolerate it. Unfortunately, that has become NC bluefin tuna fishing :(


Guess striper season is the same way up here. This will be my first season up here, so I guess I will take notes for things not to ask over the radio! :) Everyone on here seems to be a much more laid back crowd though, so I am assuming most in the area are the same way. Good luck to you guys.

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VBSF.net | Fishing Reports From Virginia Beach VA To Hatteras NC 

Amen Bob,


Radio checks are always followed by....catching anything captian, where are you at :P


You always get the east/west guys trolling against the north/south or vise versa.

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I can barely stand the radio, even without striper season. It mostly stays in the OFF position.

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Dead on Bob!! Lets roll to LWI!!! :action-smiley-033:

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Don`t leave out " Hey @$#^&(* you just crossed my spread" usually done by

an E/W troller.. And then there is "Hey Dipsheetz watch where you`re going and stop bird watching"


Ah, stripper season in the ocean, you gotta love it!!


Capt.Skid :angry-smiley-013:

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