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Guys & Gals,




*The bay and ocean are FULL of small schoolie rock which make for fun fishing and great eating...

*The majority of the big fish are cows capable of laying a gazillion eggs year after year...

*The last time I was out there were at least 250 boats fishing just off the beach...

*Each boat had at least two anglers and many had more...

*We've already almost wiped out these fantastic sportfish once in recent times....

*The commercial guys seem to have no freakin' limit to what they can and do kill...

*The fish are predictable and follow seasonal migratory patterns (making them susceptible to overharvest)...

*The fish are EASY to catch repeatedly and recover quickly from stress / mouth injury in cold water...


PLEASE CONSIDER releasing your big fish after taking their picture and take ONLY what you will eat!


Our grandkids will thank us and we will be able to wail on them year after year.



Guido the fishing and hunting V8 driving treehugger :D

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The Marine Biologist do a great job estimating the population of all species in the Bay.

The limits they impose are very conservative meaning we could really keep 4-6 and not hurt the population at all.

The two fish limit currently accounts for the great number of anglers in the Bay and the commercial fisherman.

I fish for the fun and because I love to eat fish.

If everyone obeys the daily limit, the populations of all fish will remain healthy and strong in the future.

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go hug a tree and take that bs somewhere else stop trying to troll up controversy

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The commerial Fleet at Rudee & Lynnheaven are all respectable people,they have Tags and pay dearly for the privlidge.The money from the Tags helps the conservation effort.

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Well said Jimbob. I must admit that there are some problems with the local fisheries but they are not with the hook and line guys and as Mega said "the tag guys". They are with the fleets of "ECO-RAPISTS" cashing in on omega fatty acids (menhaden). These fish are the premier source of food for stripers among others and an amazing source of filtration for the bay's waters. Guido, I am not going to open up the gates for an argumentative thread here but why do you think you can't keep stripers between 28 and 34 inches. I will assume that I am not only speaking for myself when I say that I have thrown back at least 4-5 slot fish and 10 or so schoolies for every 1 larger fish I have kept since the commencement of the "slot fish" law. This forum is full of high class, fish friendly, knowledgeable, and respectable fishermen who do absolutely nothing to harm any fish population.

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After the release, then I will try the rockfish special for $19.99 at our local restaurants as well.

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I agree 100% regarding the menhaden fleet. I blame them for the loss of the bluefish (remember them??) and for taking too much out of the bay, year after year. They have high powered corporate cash behind them, and the hook and line guys have little.


I don't think that you cannot, nor should not, keep legal slot fish (28"-34"), that was never my intent. Perhaps my wording could have been mo' betta'.


Year in, year out the slot sizes change, but if it's a female over 32" or so, it's going back in the water even if a legal fish. That's my limit. I fish a lot when the weather allows and I could easily kill 20-40 BIG fish per winter if I chose. Multiply that by another angler or two on my boat per trip. I let 'em go and eat the schoolies, that's all that I'm

saying. A little conservation goes a long way.



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I have fished the tributaries of the Elizabeth River, for schoolie stripers, consistently since the fishery re-opened in 1994. It seems to me like there were more juvenile stripers, in those waters, back then. I have noticed a lack of younger fish in the thinner water, especially this year. I still get a limit, or two, almost all of the times I fish there, but it seems like there aren't as many fish as there were 14 years ago.


I do want to add that I am a meat-fisherman, and I eat everything I keep. If I went in the ocean tomorrow, and caught two huge, fat, females, I wouldn't hesitate to keep them.


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Stripers, that is. (I had to clarify that PDQ).

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