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barnical bill

KeyDreams, Sat/Sun. 25, 26 Apr. 2009, Tautog, Croaker

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We didn't have a charter so my wife and I went out in the afternoon wanted to target Flounder, but the reports on the radio where sounding grim for a flounder bight. We tried a couple hot spots spending almost an hour with no takers, so I decided to go see if the croaker where bighting off Ocean View yet. We got there and the bight was hot and heavy. We caught 150 croaker in four drifts and less then two hours. They ranged in size from small eating size 1 1/2 pounders to tiny flounder bait size. We loaded up the live well and now are quite ready for some live baiting action. We stopped by Oceans East for some supplies on the way home and heard there where some Citation Croaker Caught, not sure where the Big Croakers where caught, but I would suspect somewhere up river.



We had a Charter of five guys who never fished for Togs before. The radio reports didn't sound like it was a good bight, and we didn't see anyone else catch any togs. I thought they did an excellent job catching togs, especially for their first time tog fishing. they caught around 10 togs with four keepers and the biggest weighed 7 pounds and 22 Inches long. These guys make the togs look small in the picture. The smallest tog we kept was 14 1/2 inched, and Mike my mate in the doorway is standing up on the step behind them. It was a beautiful day and we all had a Great Time and they got some good eats.




Catch Ya Later,

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