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Spiny dogfish are edible

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I keep one for the grill from time to time. I cut them into steaks and grill them with lemon/pepper; blackening; or seasoning salt. Pretty damn good !


Like with any shark, you have to ice them well, clean them quickly, and prepare them within a day or two of catching them, like you would a bluefish.

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VBSF.net | Fishing Reports From Virginia Beach VA To Hatteras NC 

Ok for the people that want to do it take the shark while still alive and run a knife from it's a-hole to an inch of it's bottom jaw drop all the guts and sever the intistine connecting the anus then remove the heart which is above the throat. rinse, then nick the main artery attached to the cartledge and rip the whole thing out along with the brown crap in the belly lining. rinse again now pack with ice or better in an saltwater-ice slush.


Now when you get back to the dock cut behind the head and down the belly flaps ( even with the backbone) down to where the anus was and discard or save for flounder. the rest fillet like a spanish mackeral and skin.


when preparing at home allow the fillets to soak for 45 min in milk to disolve any remaining acid in the flesh then cook how you choose



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I think my ex wife was capable of excreting urine through her skin, provided I arrived home late and tipsy enough...........


LOL! Now that's funny right there! :D


No worries Pete! I don't take offense to being corrected at all. As a matter of fact, I appreciate it. All of that info was cut and pasted from the articles I was reading.

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I camped last year at Kiptopeke next to a guy from delaware and he got pissed that we had thrown back a bunch that day flounder fishing- he said that if I ever ate one, I would never throw them back again! I planned to bring a couple back the next day and he was going to cook them for us but as luck would have it, no dogs that day and we had to leave the next.

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I, like every other angler, hated to have a fish that felt heavy and like a doormat fluke only to get it to the surface and see another doggie. Then, on a ling trip in NJ, I saw a guy get really excited to see a doggie come up instead of a ling. Since I was on a boat that stupidly went into 5-7s that turned into 8-10s and obviously the bottom fishing was terrible with that kind of swell (but that's another story), I figured WTF... I'll try it. This guy was begging people for their dogs that they were about to throw back.


So, he tells me to marinate the dog meat in orange juice. Apparently, that does the same as the milk to balance out the ammonia kind of smell/stuff. Then use a beer batter based with a wheat beer (blue moon, etc.). I kept 3 that day and wished that I kept the 6-8 that I threw back! OUTSTANDING! Like a catfish fillet, firm white mild meat. One other thing to mention is that you need to cut out the top 2 fins with the spine in front of them. Spiny Dogfish actually secret a mild poison through those spines. Cut that off BELOW the fin before throwing in the cooler.

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