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Virginia Beach Fishing
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So many boats... which one to get...

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Okay so here's the deal, i've owned a little 17' bass boat, and a 24 foot sea ray cabin cruiser with a flybridge. The bass boat was great until i took it into the bay and it couldn't handle the waves. The cabin cruiser was great until you got 2-3 foot swells in the bay (washing machine) and it was top heavy and couldn't handle it.


I FISH a lot and fish hard. I'm trying to figure out what type of boat to get for fishing. Here's how i fish, i troll, bottom fish, and chase schools. Now i know i'm going to get a response saying a perfect boat is each persons decision. Well i'm just fishing for ideas here. I read that the best way to find out what kind of boat you will want to have is to go fishing on each type (center console, dual console, w/a, pilot house) Those are the 4 that i'm looking at. I'm not so much concerned about family being on the boat, i'm single no kids. I just like to fish, what i am concerned about is i like to anchor out and sleep on the boat so i don't have to pay for a hotel room (cheap). But i'm also concerned with the w/a and pilot house because there is absolutely no access to fish off the front of the boat.


I guess what i'm getting at is: has anyone else had this dilemma when choosing thier boat? If so, how did you go about figuring out which one was right for you? What are the pro's and con's of the boats? I'm looking for something that is a good all around fishing boat, and we all know what the bay is like...i'd also like to be able to trailer it and take it offshore to fish occasionally.


Hope this isn't too much to ask!

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Based on your needs, I would drop the DC right off- it is too hard to work a fish around the boat, particuarly if you have a top up. The CC is a great boat but offers no shelter if you want to stay out overnight or in bad weather. There are more WA's out there than pilot house's and they will do all you want and keep you dry. You can fish all around if you are careful and fairly well balanced. Most I have seen allow some room forward to fish. Personally I like the PH's and that will likely be my next boat. Not a lot of room below but sheltered well enough and more room aft to fish. Not the cheapest on the list but most I have seen are very well built, trailerable, offshore capable and very fishable AND allow access to the front (though limited, can cast or work a fish)are sheltered enough to relax on. Just my humble opinion!

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