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Virginia Beach Fishing
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Double Headache


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Not sure if this is the right place for this but, Anyone having issues on channel 68? I have the Uniden UM525 25W VHF Marine DSC radio and I seem to have to adjust my squelch up high to get rid of the "interference" on the radio. It mainly happens on 68 and on a few others but not as bad as 68. I can hear regular boat chatter very clearly and when i submit for radio/sommunications the recieving end can hear me clear as day.


I not sure if the radio is going out or if it is a common problem in this area.


Any suggestions?

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Take your radio to Signals. He repairs and sells all types of radios.CB VHF.and such. He is located behide Frank's Trunk Stop in a small trailer, on Milatary hyw at 64 58 split. Good folks and not to pricy. He will run a test while you wait. Use him all the time .Good luck

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