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Knot Tied

mini bars?

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got a guestion bout mini bars ive thinkn of ordern a couple but was wondering what kind of hooked bait if any do you run with em im new to offshore fishing and only caught mahi so far any help is welcomed thank you

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Have several from Don and run small to medium Hoo's on the trailer. I usually pull them on the short rigger, or flat. Have had Mahi, Tuna's, and Billfish hit the bars- 2 years ago had a citaction Hoo take it for a run. Hooked him in the front jaw so he was not able to cut the line. :) I have not tried anything else but others may put a Green Machine as the trailer.


Tight Lines,



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I also so have severel GET REEL LURE tiki bars from Don. I like to use a white mold craft squid or a shooter also from Don.Offshore I have caught white marlin tuna and dolphin with that set up. Inshore I use them for spanish mackerel with a large clark spoon.


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I use a 2 foot or less leeder on the back of the Tiki Bar. But it could be as long as 5 feet when we want to get the bait away from the comotion.



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