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Evinrude 1988 88 spl stuck in reverse

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We replaced the impeller and now when we start it, it is stuck in reverse and makes an over heating alert sound. I have no clue whats wrong as of now i am going to take it apart on saturday!


Any ideas?

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Although I never had an evinrude, I have a couple of ideas. When you drop the lower unit, you should always be sure it is in neutral. Before reassembly you should check the lower unit to be sure it hasn't gotten knocked into gear by turning the prop and being sure the drive shaft is stationary. If not (and now you will have to do this) turn the shift shaft with a pair of pliers and contiue to check until the lower unit is in neutral. With the lower unit in neutral and the shifter in neutral you should be able to slip the unit back on the motor and be able to shift.


As far as the impeller goes, first be sure the key is in place between the drive shaft and the impeller. If you aren't looking for them when you take the pump apart they will often go unnoticed and the impeller won't turn at all or will slip on the shaft. Also, it is a good idea to change the housing when installing an impeller. The impeller does not pump just because it is turning- there is actually a slight offset of the shaft/impeller and this offset actually causes most of the water to be pumped. When the housing is worn the impeller does not get the 'eccentric' motion that it should have and will still not pump enough water. Since the alarm seems to be quick, I would guess the key is either out of place or missing. At least that's a starting point! Good luck- sharking will be better with the boat!

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I hope its as easy as taking it apart and putting it in nuertal then put it back! Well see!


Thanks man!

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