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Virginia Beach Fishing
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Greg Allman

Planer Boards

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Long Bay Pointe Bait and Tackle stocks the ones you are looking for ...

Long Bay Pointe Bait & Tackle

2109 Great Neck RD

Virginia Beach, VA 23451


Smaller ones .............

Amish Outfitters (Redwood) http://www.walleyetacklestore.com/amourecyplbo.html



Amish Outfitters (Plastic) http://www.walleyetacklestore.com/amou.html



Big Jon http://www.walleyetacklestore.com/bigjonplaners.html



Church Tackle http://www.walleyetacklestore.com/churchtackle.html



Offshore Tackle http://www.walleyetacklestore.com/offshoretackle.html



OSX http://www.corefishingtackle.com/OSXPlanerBoards2.htm



Outcast http://www.outcastplanerboards.com/index.htm



Paul's http://www.walleyetacklestore.com/paplbo.html



Yellow Bird http://www.yellowbirdproducts.com/Yellow%20Bird%20Planer%20Boards Click Image To View Full Size.


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VBSF.net | Fishing Reports From Virginia Beach VA To Hatteras NC 

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Tony thats really good set of plans.I like detail.Remember you want your boards to float and a aluminum set probally won't. Also if the boards are too light and the right wave hits them they will flip over and start coming at the boat and got one HELL OF A NIGHTMARE!!! On my 3 board set to help with this i added 40oz of lead to the outside board this helps to keep the board down i the water and keep it pulling hard. Weight and how hard the boards pull matters because the more rods you put out you increase the drag on the tow line creating a bow. And it gets worse with heavier bait. mark



How about a pine 2x10 46" long for the big board?

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How did you attach the 40 0z. of weight to the board?

Just took two 20oz bell sinkers and a two 1/4 stainless bolts drilled a hole in the center of the weight. Drilled a hole near the front and one near the rear of the outside board. And on the inside mount both sinkers do the same on the other board. A set of boards made with 3 1x10 36inches long by 24 inches wide will probally do everything you want. With the big boards they are not easy to deal and when you don't need them they are in the way . The 3 boards made from 1x10 are alot easier to get in a cabin ,on a hard top or up in the bow of a center console to get them out of the way. Mark

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They are not used very often around here, so they might cause problems with other boats around you.


Just my 2 cents

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