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If they are made of the light weight wore they will bend when trolled offshore. Since you troll faster offshore than during striper season they may not work. But if they do use mullet or ballyhoo on the arms and stack two on each side for a better presentation. If you need the thicker frames let me know.


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Hey Knot! Like Mark said some of the umbreelas can be a bit light for offshore trolling, but it can also depend on what you're putting on them. When I'm running dredges, I'll usually have a natural bait dredge...either ballyhoo or mullet...and an artifical dredge with 9" shads...like on the back of mojos.


Natural dredges...they take a lot of rigging, but I think can be more productive. I've starting using these pre-made wire rigs that make rigging ballyhoo or mullet a snap. Just add a snap swivel on the dredge arm, rig the hoo or mullet with either a rubber band or rigging floss and hang 'em. The pin rigs are 1 oz for ballyhoo and 3oz for mullet...you would need to have the heavier dredges for these.


I'll then either run them naked or add a 'duster' for a bit of flash. The great thing about these dusters that I'm using is that you take add or remove them without having to re-rig a bait...they slide right over the pin rig. I can get them in whatever colors you want. I normally use blue/white, purple/black, maylar, pink/white.


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Here's a pic of the finished dredge...this one is a 22" 6 arm double dredge with trolling weights for spacers and weight to keep it down under the water. I add the islander heads to 'hide' the wieghts in the dredge.


Here are the dusters in blue/white, maylar and purple/black. If interested in them or the pin rigs, just let me know.

duster 2.jpg


For artificial baits...I like blue/pearl or black/pearl shad bodies. You still want to add some ching wieght to them to make them 'swim' in the drdge. Also, cut a 'V' in the tail to the paddles don't rip off. You can also use the artificial ballyhoo. I'll take some pics of the shad rigs and post later.


Hope this helps! Good luck!


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