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I have been using HiSeas Mono in 20 lb test Lime Green for all of this year. I think the price is fine, and you get alot on a 1/4lb spool. HOWEVER, I am having the following issues:

1)I am changing line every other week because of the easily knicked, easily crumpled line.

2)Knot strength is rotten once the line has been used one weekend.

3)I have had more casting breakoffs this year than anytime I can remember in the last 40+ years of heaver fishing. I thought it was just me, but I am thinking I could have been using bad line.


Now, this is on my old Ambassadeur 8600, two Amb 6500 Cs(pretty much stock reels with static magnets) and two of the old large TICA Gemini Reels magged and "adjusted". Doesn't matter...performance still stinks.And buying a spool or more every week gets right expensive.

Using shock line for EVERY cast...I have been using a spool of 60lb test mono or 80 lb test braid for shock line, which havent caused any problems.


Anybody else having trouble with this brand? I don't know HOW many sinkers and big fish I have lost this year lone.

Give me some advice, please!

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ive used the clear 20lb as well as the 60 lb I havent had any trouble maybe its the green coloring

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I've used the yellow colored HISeas Grand slam mono ... I think it breaks down to quick in the sun and salt. I like the Trilene Big Game mono better ... I've noticed that it doesn't fade and discolor as fast as Grand Slam, and it comes in lime green ... saw some at oceans east the other day ... they were out of the 20lb. spools.

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that lime green big game is called Solar Collector. and there is a reason they are out of 20lb. :)


only stuff i use if i can get it.

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