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Trolling Mojo's and Umbrella rigs

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This past Sunday while fishing off Cape Charles I broke out the hardware after hours of drifting eels with nothing to show. I had 2 rods...both rigged with a 32 oz. Mojo's to a large 3-way swivle. On one rod I ran a 20" umbrella off the 3-way swivle and the other rod had a Chute rig off the 3-way. Does anyone else run an umbrella rig off of a Mojo/3-way swivle or just run the umbrella with or without an inline trolling sinker? Just wondering what works...pros and cons.

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I don't run umbrellas a lot, but when i do use a trolling weight (8-12 oz) clipped directly to the umbrella. I have used a mojo off the 3 way too. I like the trolling weight better because you can make lots of turns and avoid a clusterf*** much easier.

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It all depends on the marks for me- if they are shallow, run with no weight but if they are deep I run behind a big (28 oz. plus) mojo and any combination in between. If there is no clear pattern as to what depth fish and bait are holding, I stagger my setup throughout the water column. I have a smaller boat so I try to run 4 or 5 rods with a storm on top, a stretch or two way back, an umbrella rig on a 12-16oz inline and a heavy mojo with a daisy chain to cover extra depth. I also like to run a tandem rig if I can work it in. Of course, if the fishing is hot, the multiple hook rigs can be a bad idea as you can catch hell reeling in 5 35 lb rock on one rod. I start small and if it is slow, pull out the stuff that gets tangled up fast!

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