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Lower James Report 31 Aug

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Despite the heat I took my two sons out for some cat fishing on the Lower James on Sunday afternoon.  Launched at Jordan Point Marina at 3, motored directly across the river to about 5' of water and set out 50' of gill net for bait, drifting with the net, no anchor.  after 5 min I noticed I had one gizzard shad in the nest and started pulling it in.  In less than a 5 min soak I had 30 Gizzard Shad!  I am glad I only put out half the net.  I fished about 4 different locations, adjacent to drop offs and shallow water, structure etc and only had a few pecks.  I changed baits every time I moved and fished spots for about 30 min each.  Water temp was 85.1 F.  I can't wait till it cools down some more.  Had a good time overall despite no cats and the nasty sticky heat.  I did however get some good freezer shad for Winter when they are harder to come by.  My boat seemed to be a magnet for idiot boaters who didn't care about how much wake they were putting out.  The first spot I anchored up I had a boat come out of know where and starting pulling a tuber in circles around me about 100' from me.  Each spot I anchored was out of the channel.  I had one guy in a 45' cruiser head straight for me.  I had my air horn in one hand and a 5 oz lead weight in the other, luckily I didn't have to use either...he ended up passing me way outside the channel and near an island with about 10' under him.  Oh well.  Might try one more trip in the salt this year but I honestly don't want to make the 1 hour drive form the Burg in all the crappy traffic.  We will see.

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