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My last few trips have targeted king mackerel as the weather has kept me inshore. I trolled along VA Beach Friday of last week. I caught red drum, false albacore, and spinner sharks. I did watch a nice king get caught by a nearby boat. Tried again that Sunday with Wes Blow and JT Hale. It was really rough. One lure bitten off. Caught one shark. Had 2 or 3 somethings that did not come tight and about 5 that did until the hook pulled. One was a definite king. Wes had something on for a good long time that we did not see. ...My guess is king. Not sure of the others. JT had something that was splashing on the surface right away but too far back to id. Dropped on a wreck. JT got very wet as a wave broke over the transom and over JT. Caught sea bass, pigfish, bluefish, triggerfish, blowfish, and grouper. At least one king was caught by a boat near us. Our club’s spot tournament was this weekend. I trolled plugs along the oceanfront today and did not catch a single spot. The fish we pulled off last weekend bugged me all week so I went and gave the king mackerel another try. I had three bites. The first fish pulled…a continuation from our last trip. The next fish was a big red drum that I did catch. The third bite was a screamer and it was what I was after.



































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