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After our white marlin research trip on Friday, the forecast was for strong NE winds for the rest of the Labor Day Weekend. That meant that Wes was going cobia fishing. He did, he was out there in small craft advisories and caught 6 cobia while the rest of us were on the beach. By Sunday, the forecast for Monday was looking better for inshore. Charles and Hunter were going to catch sheepshead. I was going to troll the oceanfront for a king while looking for cobia. I got a message from Dr. John Graves saying that it looked fishable tomorrow, find a crew, and let's go marlin fishing. So, we got together a very short-notice marlin crew and got back out there. Charles and Hunter left their sheepshead and jumped onboard.


We went back to where we left them on Friday and found some fish. We ended up catching 3 white marlin and jumped another one off. We missed a couple of others but overall, did not see the numbers of fish that we saw on Friday. Boats around the Triple 0s were seeing more. We caught plenty of dolphin and got bit off by a couple wahoo. We got pop-up tags placed and collected DNA samples from each of the marlin. Dr. Graves had a graduate student on another boat. They caught a couple getting a tag out on one.































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