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Tips for the Newbie

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As a longtime fisherman in the area, and being reasonably observant, I have come to the conclusion that some of you could use some help. As there are now so many of you, I offer the following tips, which will help considerably:


1)Stance: start out with both feet side by side ,shoulder width apart, for added power.

2)Swing: swing back to behind your shoulder ,and come across with a even, smooth swing, keeping the head down.

3)Grip: don't lose it. Keep both hands firmly in place.


Now ,go ahead and get rid of those nasty old fishing rods and reels, get yourself a bag of golf clubs, get out on those links and practice, practice, practice.


The old timers (who have few places to fish anymore) wish you well and a low score. Keep us informed of your low rounds. And when someone asks you "What's your handicap?"....tell them it's your wasted youth, when you SHOULD have been practicing your mashie shots and reading Varden's "Approach to the Green", and instead you hung around on stinky old fishing holes, with stinky old people,trying to catch stinky old fish....SHAME!


There's no time like the present........


With kind affection and best wishes,

Black Adder :cool_smiley:

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