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Virginia Beach Fishing

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Looking at heading out to the temp break on Sunday (didn't make it out last weekend).  CONFIDENCE CH 68/69.  Let me know if anyone else is going.  Wish us luck.

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Went out Sunday.  Just east of Cigar I picked up a slight temp break but kept heading east trying to pick up a bigger one, into the deep water.  I found about 70 deg F at the highest, and trolled in the deep water without any luck.  I saw a couple commercial boats out there ... I think longlining.  Bottom line, I went too far.  I made it back to the smaller temp break closer to the 100FM curve and to the Cigar later in the day, but I should've stayed there earlier.  I heard one boat out there - I believe one of the two that I saw - picked up 5 wahoo.


Anyway ... good lessons learned.  Not a bad day on the water.  Nice being out there.  But it was a bit dissappointing not getting into the fish.  This has been a rough year for me on that front.

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