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Virginia Beach Fishing
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Tony S

Beaverdam Reservoir Fishing Report

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November 22, 2015


Submitted by: Park Ranger Michelle Dawn M-H


The Fall has been producing a lot of fish for anglers. The lake has turned over with a water temperature of 61 degrees. The water is stained and the grass has been dying off. The grass is floating to the top of the water creating grass mats. The Fall wind will blow it out of the way soon, but it can be an obstacle to fish around it without getting hung up. The Bass have been very active these last few weeks, they are chasing shad around the lake. The Alabama rig has been the most popular with most fishermen, but for some reason they all think they are the only ones who know about it so they ask me to keep their secret lure hush hush. Jerk bait has also been successful, the fish like the chase, but most anything will work as long as you make it look like you’re running through the water. Most of the fish are in the wide open spaces away from the grass. Winter is coming soon and the fish will go dormant again for a bit. It is a perfect time to be out on the lake. Windy days will not work in your favor because the grass is blowing all over the place, hiding the open spaces. Crappie have finally made an appearance again but not in huge numbers. They are also chasing the bait fish and are on the move. Schools of fish are scattered about the lake. The Perch have been easy to catch almost anywhere in the lake, they are thick this time of year. Catfish are quiet again which is no surprise because they are not sought after often here at the lake which means they keep getting bigger and bigger. Our Monster Catfish Wally was caught and released last year during one of our coldest days of the year. Catfish are not afraid of the cold, it is just a matter of catching them. The coots have arrived back at the lake and they are keeping the Eagles occupied with a new meal, which means more fish for you. The Fall can be one of the most exciting times on the lake, the fish will put up a fight and you’re bound to catch some of the bigger fish, because they swim around like they own the place. The smaller fish swim below because they know the big fish are on the prowl and they don’t want to get gobbled up, And if you can’t seem to catch a fish while you are here, no worries. The wild life is active enough to keep you entertained while you wait. Dress warm and enjoy!




For more information about Fishing at Beaverdam, call the Ranger Station at (804) 693-2107 or you can email Michelle at Beaverdam@gloucesterva.info


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