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Virginia Beach Fishing
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Does anybody know what this is???

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I received this a while back for helping a buddy move. He said he got it while stationed in Italy and that is all he knows about it. I've been told it's a crappie rod from most people around here (Hampton roads) but had another navy friend say they use them for carp over there. He said the writing may be Korean. It seems to me to be an underspin casting rod. It extends to a little over 11ft and is VERY soft. Was thinking about putting a little 1 or 2000 reel on there once I figure out what it is.






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Very fancy (expensive) sabikki rod

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Yep, Sabiki /Whip Rod. Great for catching bait. Used them in Hawaii to catch Akule. Put a Sabiki rig on there with a 1/2 oz weight and you can whip that thing a mile.

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