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Virginia Beach Fishing
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Anybody know what this is???

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I received this a while back for helping a buddy move. He said he got it while stationed in Italy and that is all he knows about it. I've been told it's a crappie rod from most people around here (Hampton roads) but had another navy friend say they use them for carp over there. He said the writing may be Korean. It seems to me to be an underspin casting rod. It extends to a little over 11ft and is VERY soft. Was thinking about putting a little 1 or 2000 reel on there once I figure out what it is.


Haven't yet figured out how to upload pics onto my gallery or posts but:






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Its probably a trolling rod for crappie.  Look up spider trolling.  They are made super cheap, so no doubt they are made overseas.  Cheap because some guys troll a dozen of them. 


That reel will work, but its more than you will need.  This rod needs a reel only to adjust the depth and fight the fish. The cheap reel that normally goes on a rod like that is not designed to cast very well.  Think of this rod as a high end cane pole. It probably stupid long also, some are 10-16ft long in order to get bait away from the boat. 

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I think it is called a "dapping" rod. It is used in Japan for dapping lures.I bet it would be swell for a crappie rod. Put a dinky reel on it and pull out the rod to length. Jig in all kinds of tight spots.  I sometimes use old fly rods for the same thing. A 1/32 oz jig under a cork and slipped into brush can get you some HUGE crappies.



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