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Virginia Beach Fishing
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Spring Report!

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This is my first report for 2016.

This winter has yielded some nice blue catfish,all caught from the bank, but none over 20 lbs. Chickahominy and Chowan were our usual haunts.

Whit perch have been on again/off again. We have CRUSHED giant bluegill in several spots. Have not weighed for citations (which we would have a handful just from NC) because we release almost everything, and the grandkids are not that interested.

Occasional bass caught through the late fall/early winter in NC. My nine year old grandson caught over thirty on three consecutive trips, and topped fifty on one trip. All on 4 lb test ultra-lite and beetle spins.All from the bank.

Chain pickerel a nice bonus, and last two trips to a teeny canal in NC have yielded striped bass.This canal is off of the ICW near South Mills.

Perch and other catfish have been caught here and there. This is the time of year we do afternoon trips for carp ,bowfin, and gar. Seeing many rolling fish here and there, but no takers. We use night crawlers,corn,marshmellows, strawberry commercial baits, and so forth.

Next targets for us will likely be bowfins at Knott's Island, bass at North River NC. We are also rigged up for shad, so if you can turn us on to any around that we can cast to, I will reciprocate with a "hot spot".




PS Saltwater to start late May, unless we get a GOOD TIP!

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VBSF.net | Fishing Reports From Virginia Beach VA To Hatteras NC 

Thanks for the report BA.

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Now back to the story....

Anybody else notice the swarms of TICKS this year?  And with all the rain you would think that would hold the little ***s down. After a FULL day alone, mountain biking in the NC Dismal Swamp State Park, I had an estimated twenty ticks I removed. I only found one that was lightly imbedded. Sunday after church, we hit a spot (the Beasley Tract) for bird watching (that's in Va Beach) and I had three big ones ,my wife had one imbedded , and daughter had several. Went to same place yesterday,then to Mackey Island in RAIN, and grandson and I pulled off ticks.

On the brighter side, grandson got first NC BASS citation and a longnose gar (his first ever). Also he clobbered me again with lots of white perch, eight catfish, and one eel.  The bluegill are getting huge,too. We kept nothing, but used several white perch for live bait, which got the bass and gar....

And SNAKES and BEARS and DEER and like that....


Having fun.


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Be Careful with ticks. Long story, but last year a week after my Dad passed away we got follow up call from the health dept to see how he was doing.  Seems that he had tested positive for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever four weeks earlier. This was the first time we had heard this? He had been transferred from a hospital ER close to our home to larger one. Somehow the test results did not follow him. They were treating him for the wrong thing? 

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