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Fished Back bay in the morning. The beach was a big grassy mess. I was afraid it wasn't going to be fishable but the water was surprisingly clear. First catch from the beach this year a clearnose skate. While I was tending to the skate my second heaver was twitching (a fish). I released the skate and grab my rod. It was a sizable blue. The blues were running in schools up and down the beach. We had a range of circle hook sizes and the blues were caught on the 4's and 6's. 

It was a fun morning and it felt good to throw the long rods. 

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Opening trip in saltwater, 2016.

Hit BBNWR  Saturday morning with a halfdozen  fresh croakers and a few large fresh mullet. NADA. Crabs were rampant. Only had two hours to fish due to grandson's soccer game, and tide was falling. Bait was lasting for about 15 minutes....maybe.

Flies up around the ponds were horrid, so bring bug spray, especially if the wind is westerly.  Out of town this weekend with my wife to celebrate our 40th anniversary....we have a cabin for three days on Staunton River, and will be looking for catfish from the beach.(very relaxing) Hope to hear of fish at the BBNWR in two weeks.



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