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May 27, we fished the Norfolk Canyon. Fishing was good. We ended up catching 18 yellowfin tuna. We caught 4 out of 5 mako sharks, all on monofilament leaders. We also caught a half-dozen gaffer dolphin and a couple of skipjack tuna. Tuna were busting on the surface and mako sharks were free jumping all around us.


May 26, Hunter Southall fished the Cigar area. They caught 5 yellowfin tuna and a dolphin. They lost a couple of tuna to sharks.


May 25, Charles Southall ran across the bay after work for a quick drum trip. They caught one big red.


May 22, Capt. Jorj Head, (757) 262-9004, fished for cobia in the rain. They caught 3 nice cobia.


May 22, Charles Southall ran across the bay for a very short drum trip. They caught a black drum.


May 22, I chummed for cobia catching 4 cobia in the 45-48 inch range and pulling off 3 other fish.


May 20, Hunter Southall chummed for cobia catching 1 cobia.


May 20, Danny Forehand fished the evening for drum near buoy 10. They caught 17 big red drum.


May 20, Wes Blow made an evening drum run catching one big red.


May 19, Hunter Southall chummed for cobia catching 2.


May 19, I went out after work with the Southalls for a short drum trip. We caught 9 big red drum.


May 18, Hunter Southall chummed for cobia catching 3 up to 52 inches long.































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Putting in the work with great catches! Thanks for sharing Kent

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