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I went out and did some cobia fishing yesterday prior to the Father's Day festivities. Fishing was very good. I was getting my 4th rod ready when all 3 of the others went off. Somehow, I managed to land all 3, fishing solo. I also landed a double. Most of the fish were 40 something inches long. I caught a couple that reached the 50-inch mark. I caught one that already had a tag in it. One had someone else's rig in it: circle hook, brass swivel, blue mono. Wes Blow was out there too. Last report was he had landed 7. Hamish Small caught 7 in a couple of hours and went in. Gabe Sava anchored near me as I was leaving. I watched them net one as I was pulling anchor. Capt. Jorj Head also caught 7...up to 50 inches. He was sight-fishing with a charter. The rest of us were chumming.























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