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James River catfishing questions

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Hi All,

I am coming to Norfolk to visit my sailor this coming weekend and am hoping to head to the James and try to do some catfishing. Was going to go deepsea but a very honest captain told me we'd be wasting out time and money. Now I'm trying to scramble to figure out where to fish. Don't have a boat and was wondering if there are any docks, piers, or good stretches of shoreline along the James to fish? Am willing to drive as far as Richmond if needed. Do baitstores down there sale shad or skipjacks? Also anyone that runs a catfish charter and is available May 13th or 14th let me know.



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VBSF.net | Fishing Reports From Virginia Beach VA To Hatteras NC 

Atlantic Bait and Tackle in Va. Beach has a captain that fishes catfish charters up on the James. I do not know the crew personally, but I am always willing to help out a little business. Phone number should be listed.  

Also,  there are folks at Art Conway's on the Chickahominy that specialize in big blue cats.

Not to discourage you, but my familie's blue catfish over 30 or 40 lbs have dwindled for the last three or four years. Our big catfish from fishing through the winter this year has been 10 lbs and we caught that on the Chowan!

Plenty of five pounders still on the Chichahominy, though.



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Thank you for the info, think we have a charter set up with Nightstalker, but could you tell me is there any place to shore fish with some success around that area?

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Hog Island NWR is a good spot and you should have lots of room.

It is beyond the Nuclear Power Plant and so you have to submit to a thorough vehicle search BEFORE entering. A real drag but I suppose needful.



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