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I know that certain topics are placed before the forum by me annually, but I really value input, so here goes:

Fox Hill Marina, Saturday May 20th. While fishing in the parking lot for bait to use elsewhere, my grandson and I saw a medium size snake with all the markings of a cottonmouth. A little later, just a bit farther up the lot, there was a classic dark morph cottonmouth, sitting in the morning sun.

Comment: Herpetologists contend that the northern limit of the cottonmouth range is the James River. Secondly, snakes like the Northern Brown Water snake are very difficult to identify unless you can see the eyes and count "anal scales" and other suicidal acts.

I have seen other snakes that I thought were the water moccasin, but not sure. As I do not fish often north of the James , and never in Hampton, I bring the question before the forum: ARE THERE COTTONMOUTHS IN HAMPTON?




PS: Caught two small rays, one croaker, one white perch. All on squid. Then went to Grandview Beach, walked to the (almost) North End, and caught nothing. THE North End is closed because of "sea bird nesting" , so you can't get close to the deep water in the channel, so no use walking miles with loads of tackle....which we did. I wish Hampton had put a sign or something at the start of the trail! Did also see the dead whale, which has been cut up by scientists and is lying ,a stinky mess, on the beach. And why do boaters pull up on quiet beach 's like that and play radios at high volume? Needless to say, Hampton Fishing is not the fun fest I was hoping for.

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Thanks, but not very reassuring...We see LOTS of cottonmouth fishing around Knott's Island, Moyock, and points south and west, and the only reason we did not come right out and make a call was because herpetologists CLAIM the "James River Line". Nevertheless, pays to watch out for the grandkids in "safe" locations!

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