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virginia beach tuna tournament 2017

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IT was 3AM in the morning onboard Oblivions sitting in the slip in fisherman's Wharf.  6 Anglers and the Captain Dave Trax are looking at the only partial satellite temp and chloro shot that has come up in the last 5 days.  The smart money says to go south to behind the Cigar where the Tuna Bite has been good for the last month.  But this crew and especially this Captain are not the Smart money kind of guys, we like to hunt em down and find em and stuff em in the Box.  We see a partial Blue Chloro shot that is at about 800 fathoms behind the Norfolk Canyon along with a slight temp change.  We start talking...nobody has really fished this water yet this year due to the fantastic bite down south.  We decide to avoid the boat pressure down south and go hunting North.  we throw lines and get underway, 2 26 foot regular who is a friend of ours decides to do the same thing and go out on our own.

We get to our destination and find nothing special, decent looking water and temp.  The regulator decides to stick to the north wall and we venture out a little deeper looking for the magical break.  We really dont' find it but it's 0730 and it's tournament time so in goes the rigs and we begin our day.  we start working in and north in pretty much a desert, small pods of two tones every now and then but we're not feeling it....then about hour and a half into comes the sounds that makes your blood pump...SNAP....Captain yelling LEFT RIGGER...it's a Tuna....we land this one...nice fish probably 40 pounds.....in the box he goes, we are starting to feel hope....keep trolling north of the canyon, we are now fishing 100-200 fathoms and structure....we get two more single bites and land both of these fish, we are stoked, we now have 3 contender YFT, probably about 120 pounds total so we're pretty happy we made a good  call and did not get the SKUNK....we keep working throughout the day and get a 4 banger knock down...two pull the hook and we land two...one of them is nicer class, probably mid to high 40's.....keep working.....get a triple header and the drags are screaming, these are nicer fish... we work the fish like a well oiled machine, we have been fishing with Trax for years so everything is burned into our muscle memory and we know how to fish Oblivion....we get them Gaff one at a time, and these are all nice fish...mid to upper 40 pounders with one more still fighting hard...this one gets teh gaff and comes over the side.....wow this one is bigger...end up 54.6 pounds....at this point we're feeling pretty damn good and it's just about lines out...we get in and get to teh weight stations...we learn Wired up "Neal Klar" currently has the lead at around 147...we are thinking we have a little over 150.....all fish get weighted and we end up with 150 on the money.....winner winner chicken dinner....these fish hold up for rest of the tournament and Oblivion wins the 2017 Virginia Beach Tuna Tournament......well deserved as he's the hardest working captain out there !.......Bob


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Congratulations Bob and crew ... great day!! Now take that money and buy some nice new tackle! 

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